Amazon Brand Registry - Do I Need It?

by Liz Adamson

In late January many sellers received a notice from, Inc. ("Amazon") informing them that old Brand Registry was being deprecated and encouraging them to enroll in the new one. Many sellers have asked what this means for their account and whether they should re-enroll. I’ll cover what this notice means and the benefits of Amazon’s brand registry as well as how to apply.

Here’s a copy of the notice that went out to sellers:

Dear Seller,

Our records indicate that you are part of the old Amazon Brand Registry, but have not enrolled your brand in the new Amazon Brand Registry launched last year.

We will be deprecating the old Brand Registry in the coming months and we encourage you to re-enroll your brand in the new Amazon Brand Registry to avoid any disruption in service.

Currently, the new Amazon Brand Registry requires brands to have a registered trademark such as word mark or a design mark containing graphics and text that match your brand name.

To get started, please visit Amazon Brand Registry and use your existing Seller Central username and password. This is important as we want to make sure all your account information is carried over to the new Amazon Brand Registry. You’ll be asked to complete a new brand application for each eligible brand that you would like to enroll.

Amazon Brand Registry

What is Brand Registry?

Amazon’s brand registry has been around for a few years primarily as a way for brands to control copy on their product detail pages and list products without a GTIN. Over the years other benefits have been added to the brand registry including access to marketing tools like Enhanced Brand Content and Headline Search Ads.

With increasing concerns regarding counterfeiting and trademark violations on the marketplace, last year Amazon rolled out a new version, often referred to as 2.0. The new version requires brands to submit a trademark registration and provides registered brands with an easier way to report counterfeiting and trademark infringement.

What Does the Email I Received Mean?

For the past year, anyone on the old version of the brand registry (1.0) was grandfathered in, likely to give brands some time to get their trademark registration in order. Amazon is now deprecating this version of the registry and any brand that would like to continue with the benefits of brand registry will need to re-enroll.

Should I Enroll in the New Brand Registry?

If you are a brand selling on the Amazon marketplace, then yes, I strongly recommend that you get enrolled on the new brand registry. Indications are that Amazon is putting a lot more support behind brand owners and you will need to be registered to take advantage of any new features intended for brands. Currently the benefits of brand registry are as follows:

  • Faster reporting of counterfeiters and trademark violations
  • List products without a Global Trade Item Number (UPC, EAN, ISBN, JAN)
  • Page detail control - the copy and images you provide overrides submissions made by other third-party sellers
  • Enhanced Brand Content
  • Storefront
  • Headline Search ads

If you are on the old brand registry and do not re-enroll, you will likely lose access to these features over the next few months (although you may still qualify for a GTIN exemption). Brands utilizing the marketing tools associated with brand registry are able to drive more traffic with higher conversion rates and will be set apart from other Amazon sellers.

How do I apply?

Visit Amazon’s Brand Registry page to get started. Before you can apply, however, you need a registered trademark for your brand that meets the following requirements:

‘The trademark must be a “standard character mark”, a “typeset word(s)/letter(s)/number(s)”, an “illustration drawing which includes words, letters, and/or numbers”, or “words, letters, or numbers in a stylized form” and the trademark must match the brand name printed on products and/or packaging.’

Other trademarks are not accepted; we have seen applications rejected that do not have the right trademark type. The trademark must be issued by the U.S., Canada, Mexico, India, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, Italy Spain, the UK or EU. If you don’t already have the right trademark in place I suggest you start that immediately as that can take several months. In addition to giving you access to brand registry, it is also just a good business practice to have that in place for your brand.

In addition to your trademark registration, you will need to submit images of your logo as well as photos of your logo on products and packaging, the categories your brand is in and a list of countries where your products are manufactured and distributed.

Take Action

If you have not already enrolled in Brand Registry 2.0, I strongly suggest you do so. With all the tools available to brand registered sellers, it can give you an edge on the competition and a way to increase your brand’s visibility on the Amazon marketplace.

Originally published on March 23, 2018, updated February 25, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.