News for Amazon Sellers

See recent news and policy updates that may impact your Amazon business. 

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INFORM Consumers Act: What Amazon Sellers Need to Know

Learn more about the INFORM Consumers Act and how it impacts your Amazon selling account.

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New Amazon Tags: Frequently Returned Products and More

Learn more about the frequently returned products tag and sales volume data that Amazon has added to items displayed on its search result pages.

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Breaking Down Amazon's New FBA Capacity Limits

Get an overview of Amazon's FBA capacity limits and the Capacity Manager feature. Learn how this streamlined system works.

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Amazon Buy with Prime Marketing Solutions: New Features

Dig deeper into Amazon's Buy with Prime Marketing features and learn how you can take advantage of each one to reach more customers and increase sales.

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Buy with Prime Offers Fast Shipping Outside of Amazon

Amazon Prime benefits are being offered to other retailers. Learn more about the Buy with Prime program, including who is eligible and when you can start.

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Amazon FBA Fees: The Ultimate Seller's Guide

Understanding your Amazon FBA fees from fulfillment to storage can help you protect your profits with effective inventory management.

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How it Works: FBA Inventory in Seller Central

Learn how the FBA Inventory page in Seller Central can help you optimize your inventory, reduce costs, and boost your IPI score.

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Amazon Tailored Audiences: New Targeted Email Features

Learn how to use the Amazon Tailored Audiences email marketing features to reach repeat, recent, and high-spend customers to boost sales and brand loyalty.

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Offer Local Pick Up and Delivery with Amazon Local Selling

Discover Amazon Local Selling, a new set of services that allows sellers to list their products as available for in-store pick up or fast local delivery.

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Get to Know the Amazon Growth Opportunities Tool

The Amazon Growth Opportunities tool gives sellers personalized recommendations for growing their business. Discover what it can do for you here.

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Understand Demand with Amazon Product Opportunity Explorer

Looking to grow your catalog? With Amazon Product Opportunity Explorer, you can quickly source new product ideas and evaluate their potential for success.

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Amazon Advertising News: Recapping the Major Updates

Mina Elias, founder of Trivium Group, recaps the biggest Amazon advertising news in the past year and shares how to use these powerful features in 2023.

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What is Amazon Warehousing & Distribution (AWD)?

Learn more about Amazon Warehousing & Distribution, or Amazon AWD for short, a new 3PL service that allows you to store and ship products through FBA.

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How to Get Your Products on Amazon Inspire

Learn more about the Amazon Inspire program, including who is eligible to participate and what it takes to get your products featured here.

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Amazon SP-API: What Sellers Should Know

Learn more about the Amazon SP-API migration for seller and vendor software and the key changes in store for users of these tools.

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Big Changes to the Amazon Order Cancelation Request Process

The Amazon order cancelation request process is changing for both buyers and sellers. Learn what's being updated and how to protect your account.

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FBA Grade and Resell Program: How it Works

Find out how Amazon's FBA Grade and Resell program can help you relist unsold and returned items and earn more on opportunities that otherwise may be lost.

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Amazon Search Analytics: Catalog and Query Performance Tools

Learn how to dig deeper into your Amazon search analytics using the Search Catalog Performance and Search Query Performance dashboard in Seller Central.

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Amazon New Seller Incentives: How You Can Earn More

With the Amazon New Seller Incentives, you can earn several credits to help set your account up for success. Learn how it works and who is eligible. 

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Amazon Same-Day Delivery from Retail Stores

How does Amazon same-day delivery work from retail stores? Click here to find out where the service is available and which brands are participating. 

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How to Use Amazon’s Sponsored Display Video Creative Feature

Learn how to use Amazon's Sponsored Display Video Creative feature and get expert tips for creating more effective video ads in this guest article.

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Pinterest Announces Ads Partnership With Amazon

Learn the latest developments in eCommerce advertising and see the potential impact of the Amazon and Pinterest ads partnership on new ad strategies.

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