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Analyze reviews to identify trends
See high-level review trends for every ASIN you monitor with FeedbackFive®. Filter and sort review data to quickly see how buyers are rating your products. You can even download your review data for further analysis.

Simplify review monitoring
Your Amazon reviews provide important insights into your own products as well as competitive ASINs. FeedbackFive makes it easy to analyze trends and get alerts for new reviews, so you're always in tune with buyers. If you're enrolled in Brand Registry, you can contact buyers after receiving a negative review.

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See ASIN-Level Trends

Dig into details
Get even more information about reviews for each of your ASINs, including the rating, full review, and whether it was a Verified Purchase. See the average historical review rating for each product you monitor.

Take notes
Amazon reviews provide you with insights into the buyer experience. Take notes in FeedbackFive to remind yourself or your team to look into any concerning negative review trends, or to highlight excellent details you might want to include in your listing.


Monitor Amazon Reviews for Your Products and Competitive ASINs

Tracking product reviews is a smart strategy for brands and sellers who want to maintain and improve customer satisfaction. By aggregating your review data with FeedbackFive, you get access to detailed analytics and review alerts. Use these tools to stay in touch with the buyer experience, including ideas for future product development and other business decisions. You can also monitor competitive ASINs to see how you measure up.

Andrew Gardner

I'm getting almost 5 times the product review ratings that I was getting when I was manually requesting reviews from my customers, without all that work!"
-Andrew Gardner

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