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Two Options for Getting GTINs

GTINs are used in marketplace product listings and to create UPC barcodes for labeling your products. If you're wondering how to get a GTIN for Amazon, look no further! You can get a single GTIN if you're just getting started or a GS1 Company Prefix if you have multiple products.


A single GS1 US GTIN is a great starter option to quickly list a few products. This can be licensed for a one-time fee of $30.


 The prefix is designed to support your company's growth strategy. You get multiple barcodes, with the ability to create coupons and higher levels of packaging like a case or pallet. You can also identify locations. The prefix is part of every barcode you create and links your company to your products in the marketplace. You'll pay for a GS1 US membership based on how many barcodes you need, then pay an annual renewal fee.

Need a Starter Guide?

GTIN Guide

When to Use SKUs, GTINs, and UPCs

Find out when and where to use these product identifiers.

Single GTIN or Prefix?

Determine the best fit for your Amazon business.

Prevent Common Listing Issues

Learn how to avoid common pitfalls when adding your product listings to Amazon.

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