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Stand Out on Amazon

Unique product offerings add value
Creating kits or bundles differentiates you from competitors selling individual items. Having a unique listing means less competition for the Buy Box. Customers often see kits as a better value and enjoy the convenience, especially when the kit provides a complete solution to a problem or task.

FBA kitting can increase sales and exposure since the listings tend to perform well in Amazon's algorithm. You can create kits to help clear out inventory that might otherwise be slow to sell. Kits can also justify larger bulk purchases, allowing you to pay a lower cost per unit.

Run Kit Optimizer window in RestockPro

Kit Optimizer

RestockPro makes managing kit parts easy
Handle any situation where the number of units you order from your supplier differs from the number of units you'll sell on Amazon due to combining items with RestockPro. This includes bundles and multipacks.

Identify kit part SKUs in RestockPro to build and break kits based on your available inventory with the Kit Optimizer. The software provides restocking suggestions and other information to simplify managing FBA kits.

Illustration of kit parts view in RestockPro

Analyze FBA Kit Profitability

Intuitive kit interface
RestockPro integrates with your Seller Central account, allowing you to easily identify which items are part of a kit. Reorder the right kit parts every time!

The software instantly calculates profitability for your kits by incorporating sale price, Amazon fees, COGS, and other data. No spreadsheet required!



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Better FBA Kitting with RestockPro

Stand out from your competitors and improve the customer experience by offering kits on Amazon with RestockPro!