Negative and positive Amazon review alerts in FeedbackFive email

Monitor What Matters

Respond to customers
Email or text alerts notify your team when a customer is unhappy.

Get alerts on your schedule
You have control over when and how you receive Amazon rating alerts for new feedback and reviews.

FeedbackFive email alert settings

See Your Ratings in One Place

It isn’t easy to see when you receive new ratings from your Seller Central account, particularly when it comes to product reviews. If you have several ASINs, checking for new reviews even once a week can be time-consuming.

Instead of constantly checking Amazon to see if there is a new review for your recently launched product, you can focus your time elsewhere knowing that FeedbackFive® will notify you whenever you receive a review. Not only that, you can log in any time to see all of your ratings, order volume, and more. You can also sort and filter your feedback and review data or download it to CSV for additional analysis.

Kevin Katz headshot

For me, one of the greatest things about FeedbackFive is that I really believe that the people who are in the company and working with the clients day in and day out actually really care.

As a business owner, this is gold and therefore I believe in FeedbackFive as a business and a valuable asset to what I am trying to achieve in my business.
-Kevin Katz

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