Negative and positive Amazon review alerts in FeedbackFive email

Amazon Listing Alerts

Don't miss out on sales
Get Amazon listing alerts when your listing status changes to search suppressed, inactive, deleted, or active with FeedbackFive®. Take action right away to stop losing sales.

Get recommendations to resolve issues
FeedbackFive provides guidance on how to solve listing issues alongside the alerts to help you move faster.

Listing status change alert email from FeedbackFive

Hijacker Alerts

Get notified of suspicious activity
A new seller on your listing may signal that the listing has been hijacked. Monitoring the number of offers for your private-label products can help you identify suspect sellers.

Automatically monitor your listings
Protect your listings and reputation by getting alerts from FeedbackFive when the number of offers changes for your listings. Receive recommended next steps and valuable information about the new seller that can assist with the investigation and strengthen a possible case with Amazon.

Number of offers change alert

Feedback and Review Notifications

Respond to customers
Email or text alerts notify your team when a customer is unhappy. If you are enrolled in Brand Registry, you can use Amazon templates to offer a refund or request more information when a customer leaves a negative review.

Get alerts on your schedule
Email or text alerts for negative reviews and feedback allow you to prioritize buyers who need additional assistance. You have control over when and how you receive Amazon rating alerts.

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See Your Reviews in One Place

It isn’t easy to see when you receive new reviews on Amazon. If you have several ASINs, looking for recent reviews can be time-consuming.

Instead of constantly checking Amazon to see if you have any new reviews, you can focus your time elsewhere knowing that FeedbackFive will notify you whenever you receive a review. Not only that, you can log in at any time to see all of your ratings, order volume, and more. You can also sort and filter your feedback and review data or download it to CSV for additional analysis.

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I get these wonderful notices from FeedbackFive that are text messages or emails about our reviews. I look right away and I see what they've written and it's really wonderful in helping me with my business.

-Rick, Sweater Chalet

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Amazon Messaging

  • Automate Amazon Request a Review message
  • Customizable email templates
  • Configurable email campaign rules and timing
  • Email auto-exclusions

Support and Training

  • Live onboarding and account review
  • Chat, email, and phone support
  • Detailed help center
  • Support in English and Chinese

Reputation Monitoring and Alerts

  • Seller feedback and product review alerts
  • Listing suppression, status change, and hijacker alerts (New)
  • Feedback and review report and analytics
  • Sales and orders analytics
  • Workflow for resolving feedback issues

Amazon Connection and Access

  • Unlimited users
  • Link one seller account per region
  • Connect up to 17 Amazon marketplaces
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