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Manage FBA Profits

Quickly determine whether to restock
RestockPro analyzes hundreds of data points to provide custom restock suggestions based on your goals. The SKU Profitability report shows a list of SKUs with sales, estimated profitability, and purchase history for a selected date range. It includes key details like quantity on hand, listing price, units sold, average sales price, estimated margin, estimated fees, total profit, and more to help you easily monitor FBA profits by SKU.

Choose the date range and select filters such as only showing SKUs with sales or FBA sales that originated on all fulfillment channels. Drill down into a particular SKU by using the search field.

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Don't Get Lost in the Numbers

Prioritize your profit margins
Rising production costs, FBA fees, packaging changes, advertising costs, and more can quickly eat into your bottom line. It's easy to get lost in spreadsheets and calculations while trying to understand your Amazon profitability. RestockPro provides the analysis so you can make decisions faster. Flexible fields allow you to include other costs at the product level for a more accurate understanding of your FBA profits.

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Avoid Extra FBA Fees

View critical metrics by SKU
Amazon FBA fees can add up fast. Keeping tabs on historical days of supply can help you avoid the low-inventory-level fee and the aged inventory surcharge. RestockPro includes historical days of supply and Amazon's recommended minimum inventory level metric to quickly identify SKUs at risk of being charged these fees.



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Improve Your FBA Profit Management

Get a better understanding of your FBA SKU profitability with RestockPro!