Campaign analytics for written reviews in FeedbackFive

Email campaign analytics graph showing total ratings in FeedbackFive

Quickly View Your Results

Drill down by ASIN
See emails sent, orders received, ratings generated, and more at the product level. Within seconds, find out how many Amazon feedbacks, one-tap ratings, and reviews you’ve received while using FeedbackFive®.

Test your requests
Which email template gets the most reviews for your products? You'll see the total ratings generated by each of your FeedbackFive campaigns at a glance so you know which messages are getting results.


Amazon Review Analytics and Monitoring

Get analytical
Amazon review analytics provide even more insights for each of your ASINs. Colorful graphs show exactly how your review ratings are distributed across the five-star system. The average review rating over time helps you identify trends.

Review monitoring
You can monitor, sort, filter, and even download product review data for your own ASINs, competitor ASINs, or items you’re considering stocking. Easily identify what buyers love about top performing products and see what’s not working for other items.


Seller Feedback, Reviews, Ratings, and More

Get a historical view of your positive seller feedback percentage. Compare ratings received to order volume and email sent. Filter by date range, ASIN, average rating, and other details to identify trends and inform future business decisions.
Andrew Gardner

My favorite feature is the ability to see the total number of product review ratings for all or individual products in graph format over whatever time period you want to look at.

It's pretty gratifying to see those ratings climb, and it definitely confirms for me the wisdom of my investment in FeedbackFive. I'm getting almost 5 times the product review ratings that I was getting when I was manually requesting reviews from my customers, without all that work!
-Andrew Gardner

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