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RestockPro is a flexible, easy-to-use inventory management tool powering over $1.8 billion in sales with decision support and automation functionality.

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Forecast with Confidence
Restock suggestions delivered daily.
Increase Profitability
Calculate estimated margin for every product.
Optimize Shipments
Send the right shipments with ease.

Stay in Stock

Never run out of stock again! Smart inventory management is key to your success on the Amazon marketplace. RestockPro will simplify the process through accurate forecasting and restock suggestions. 

Supplier CRM

Manage supplier relationships with RestockPro, from taking notes about communication to creating new purchase orders.

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Big Picture Views

Get the big picture of your overall inventory and zoom in on specific ASINs to make informed decisions for your Amazon business, fast.

All Features in All Plans

Our plan levels are based on the number of FBA orders your Amazon store processes each month. All features are available on every plan level. We like to keep things simple, so there are no hidden costs or charges based on a percentage of sales.


per month
  • 1,000 FBA Orders
  • 10,000 Active SKUs*
  • 1 User


per month
  • 2,500 FBA Orders
  • 10,000 Active SKUs*
  • 3 Users


per month
  • 7,500 FBA Orders
  • 10,000 Active SKUs*
  • 5 Users


per month
  • 20,000 FBA Orders
  • 20,000 Active SKUs*
  • 10 Users


per month
  • 35,000+ FBA Orders
  • 20,000 Active SKUs*
  • 10 Users

*Active SKUs are FBA SKUs that have active listings on Amazon as shown by your Inventory Report.

Better Inventory Management

Maximize Profits

RestockPro helps you keep a close eye on costs and stay focused on the most profitable products.
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Forecast Accurately

RestockPro guides your daily reordering decisions so you know how much to order and when!
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Purchase Orders

Keep track of items you’ve ordered and received from your suppliers – as well as your costs.
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Simplify Shipments

Build the right shipments, pack them for success and be sure they arrive. RestockPro simplifies the entire process.
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Print Stickers

Accurate shipment prep is essential for Amazon merchants. Print Amazon-compliant labels and stickers with ease.
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Build Kits

Automatically track each kit’s sales history, profitability, Amazon fees, cost information and relevant supplier data in RestockPro.
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RestockPro helped a garage operation grow to be a multi-million dollar business.

- Hitesh Mehta, Titan Rig

RestockPro is arguably our most important tool today. RestockPro allows us to accurately predict what to order from each supplier and how much. It saves time and prevents stagnant inventory.

- Andrew Tjernlund, AMZHelp.com

We use RestockPro every day to help determine what should be shipped to FBA to replenish inventory. It is indispensable and saves us several man hours every day.

- Isaac Steimle, DVeStore, Inc.

RestockPro helped us gauge our reorders. The problem was that we would see spike and drop, and we’d run out of products. Now, we’re keeping our products in stock better.

- Dan Meadors and Eric Lambert, Apex Mercantile Group

Loving your program. It has totally changed my life. Literally. The amount of time I am spending on restocking now has gone down so much and I am actually able to build my business instead of just maintaining it.

- Chris Driscoll, Compass Provision Co.



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