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Get accurate forecasting and restock suggestions with RestockPro®. Streamline your FBA inventory management.

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Amazon FBA Inventory Management

Smart inventory management is key to your success on Amazon. RestockPro helps you maximize profits and ensures you never run out of stock again!

Available on 10 marketplaces: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, UK, and US.

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Hassle-Free FBA Automation

RestockPro is a flexible, easy-to-use Amazon FBA software tool powering over $1.8 billion in sales with decision support and automation functionality.

  • Forecast accurately
  • Track purchase orders
  • Simplify shipping to Amazon FBA
  • Print Amazon FBA labels and stickers
  • Optimize kits
  • Maximize profits

All Features in All Plans

Plan levels are based on the number of FBA orders your Amazon store processes each month. All features are available on every plan level. We like to keep things simple, so there are no hidden costs or charges based on a percentage of sales.
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RestockPro features


per month
  • 1,000 FBA Orders


per month
  • 2,500 FBA Orders


per month
  • 7,500 FBA Orders


per month
  • 20,000 FBA Orders


per month
  • 35,000+ FBA Orders
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Amazon Profit Calculator

Forecast Accurately and Maximize FBA Profits

Get the big picture of your overall inventory and zoom in on specific ASINs to make informed decisions for your Amazon business. Fast.

RestockPro guides your daily reordering decisions so you know how much to order and when. Keep a close eye on costs and Amazon FBA fees, and stay focused on the most profitable products. Calculate estimated margin for every product and increase profitability.

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Amazon FBA Manager

Manage Suppliers, POs, and FBA Shipments

Manage supplier relationships with RestockPro, from taking notes about communication to creating new purchase orders. Keep track of items you’ve ordered and received from your suppliers – as well as your costs. Build the right shipments, pack them for success and be sure they arrive. RestockPro simplifies the entire process!


Prep FBA Shipments

Print Amazon FBA Labels and Stickers

Accurate shipment prep is essential for Amazon merchants. Print Amazon compliant labels and stickers easily with RestockPro and save valuable time and money. RestockPro offers customization options that work for Dymo and Zebra label printers, whether you need 30-up labels or individual custom-size stickers, while still meeting the specifications set by Amazon.

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Product Bundling Optimizer

Build and Optimize Kits

Automatically track your kit’s sales history, profitability, Amazon FBA fees, cost information and relevant supplier data in RestockPro. With the Kit Optimizer, sit back and let RestockPro crunch the numbers for you. RestockPro will evaluate your kits by demand and margin, and recommend the best bundles to build.

See how RestockPro helped these
Amazon FBA sellers grow their business:

Five star rating for RestockPro by Dave Griffin

Using RestockPro from eComEngine has allowed me to increase my sales by at least 25% year on year...easy to use and I couldn't run our business without it.

Amazon seller Dave Griffin Dave Griffin, Supernova UK

Five star rating for RestockPro by Andrew Tjernlund

RestockPro is arguably our most important tool today. RestockPro allows us to accurately predict what to order from each supplier and how much. It saves time and prevents stagnant inventory.

Amazon seller Andrew Tjernlund Andrew Tjernlund, AMZHelp.com

Five star rating for RestockPro by Dan Meadors

RestockPro helped us gauge our reorders. The problem was that we would see spike and drop, and we’d run out of products. Now, we’re keeping our products in stock better.

Amazon seller Dan Meadors Dan Meadors, Apex Mercantile Group

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Unrivaled Customer Success Team

We are experts in Amazon FBA inventory management, and highly skilled in helping you set up your RestockPro account. We love Amazon sellers, and sellers love working with us! Just ask the sellers who have been with us for over 13 years, since we started in 2007.

RestockPro customer success team
RestockPro customer success team
RestockPro customer success team
RestockPro customer success team


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