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All SellerPulse plans include 24/7 ASIN monitoring and email alerts, recommended actions for listing issues, and live customer support. 


Listing Health & Brand Protection

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  • Search Suppression Notifications
  • Hijacker Alerts
  • Buy Box Alerts (Won, Lost/Suppressed)
  • Listing Status Changes
  • Title, Image, and Brand Name Changes
  • Adult Flag Alerts
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All SellerPulse features PLUS:

  • Request a Review Automation
  • Custom Email Requests
  • Email Analytics
  • Review Monitoring & Analytics
  • Feedback & Review Alerts

Protect Your Listings & Buy Box Status

Monitor all of your ASINs 24/7 with plans starting at less than $1/day. Start a 14-day trial.

Listing alerts available in SellerPulse by eComEngine

Amazon Listing Alerts

Don't lose sales
Get email alerts when your listing status changes to search suppressed, inactive, deleted, or active. You can also get notified of changes to your listing content and when a product is flagged as adult. Take action right away to stop losing sales!

Buy Box status alerts
Learn when you win or lose the Buy Box, which can drastically impact your sales volume. Our lost Buy Box alert also lets you know when the Buy Box is suppressed, which could be a result of product pricing on other platforms. You can even see when the competitive pricing threshold impacts your listing on Amazon.

Hijacker using laptop

Hijacker Alerts

Get notified of suspicious activity
A new seller on your listing may signal that the listing has been hijacked. Monitoring the number of offers for your private-label products can help you identify suspect sellers.

Automatically monitor your listings
Protect your listings and reputation by getting alerts when the number of offers changes for your listings. Receive recommended next steps and valuable information about the new seller that can assist with the investigation and strengthen a possible case with Amazon.

Illustration highlighting eComEngine's Amazon listing alerts

Reclaim Your Time

Get recommendations to resolve issues
SellerPulse provides Amazon listing alerts along with guidance for solving listing issues so you can move faster.

Streamline listing status management
Email alerts allow you to quickly identify issues such as brand name changes, search suppression, going out of stock, dimension changes, and more.

SellerPulse supports Amazon marketplaces in the United States and the following countries:

Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, and the United Kingdom.

Flags for international marketplaces supported by SellerPulse

How SellerPulse Works

Getting started is fast and easy. Connect now and start protecting your Amazon listings right away.


Connect SellerPulse to your Amazon Seller Central account


Choose which events you want to be alerted about


Receive email alerts with recommendations as changes occur


Start Protecting Your Listings Today

There's no time to waste when it comes to protecting your Amazon listings. A drop in sales leads to less visibility for your product on Amazon. It can also negatively impact your budget, particularly if you need to get aggressive with your ad spending to try to regain traction.

SellerPulse makes Amazon product monitoring simple. Email alerts include details to help you resolve any issues right away so you can get back to selling your products!

Talal Asad

"This tool has been especially useful for us to track our clients' listings and give us a quick, proactive way to check on SKUs that may have gone out of stock or were closed for any other reason. Anyone who manages more than 5 SKUs needs this tool to get a quick alert to fix issues, or at least be made aware of them, quickly."

-Talal Asad, President, Brand Together



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