Examples of Buy Boxes, including one that is suppressed

24/7 Buy Box Monitoring 

Keep tabs on the Featured Offer
SellerPulse by eComEngine notifies you when the Buy Box/Featured Offer changes. You can get alerts when you win or lose the Buy Box.

Losing the Buy Box can be a sign that something is amiss with your listing. If you're a brand owner, a lost Buy Box might alert you to hijacker activity. In other cases, it might mean you need to change your price to stay competitive.

Buy Box report and lost Buy Box details in SellerPulse

Buy Box Report

Get actionable information 
You can view your Buy Box status for each SKU and dig into losing offer details in the SellerPulse Buy Box report. See why you're losing the Buy Box to determine your next steps.

Buy Box alerts from SellerPulse include valuable details, including the other seller's name, the ASIN, the previous offer, the updated offer (including price), and the average seller rating. This intel empowers you to decide if and how you want to compete for the Buy Box.

Suppressed Buy Box and available Buy Box illustration

Buy Box Suppression

Find out when the Buy Box is suppressed
Amazon suppresses the Buy Box when there is a lower offer on another platform under the Amazon Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy. SellerPulse alerts include the competitive pricing threshold so you know how to compete with the other offer. When the Buy Box is suppressed, the "Add to Cart" and "Buy Now" buttons are hidden. Get notified right away when the Buy Box is suppressed so you can take steps to start winning it again!

The Buy Box can be suppressed when the price is too high, no Prime offer is available, or your seller feedback rating is too low. Promotional activity can cause Buy Box suppression when you return to the regular price. Launching a new product can result in Buy Box suppression as it can take a few days to get the Buy Box, even if you have the only offer.

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