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Monitor Your Listings

Get notified of Amazon listing changes
SellerPulse monitors your listings 24/7 and alerts you when there are changes to your brand name, product title, image, and status: active, inactive, deleted, or search-suppressed. You'll also be notified when your product is flagged as "adult" or goes out of stock at FBA.


See Listing Change History

View activity for the past 30 days
SellerPulse keeps a log of activity for each of your listings for the past 30 days. You can sort and filter by product, alert type, and more to identify trends and find more details about recent listing issues.

Listing status change alert email from FeedbackFive

Resolve Issues Faster

Get recommendations for resolving issues
Resolve listing issues right away. SellerPulse alerts include recommended actions so you can get back to selling your products as soon as possible.

Choose the SellerPulse plan that's right for you.


Listing Health & Brand Protection

Starting at
  • Search Suppression Notifications
  • Hijacker Alerts
  • Buy Box Alerts (Won, Lost/Suppressed)
  • Listing Status Changes
  • Title, Image, and Brand Name Changes
  • Adult Flag Alerts
Starting at

All SellerPulse features PLUS:

  • Request a Review Automation
  • Custom Email Requests
  • Email Analytics
  • Review Monitoring & Analytics
  • Feedback & Review Alerts

Monitor Listing Changes

SellerPulse simplifies Amazon listing monitoring. Try it for free!