Cease and Desist Letter Template for Brands on Amazon

Use this cease and desist letter from IP and eCommerce law firm Cabilly & Co. to protect your brand from unauthorized sellers on Amazon.

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hijacker-cease-and-desist-templateYou've worked hard to build your brand and reputation on Amazon, so you need to protect it! If you notice unauthorized sellers offering a counterfeit version of your product on your listing, you could be a victim of listing hijacking.

This can have serious consequences for your brand including losing the Buy Box, undercutting your prices, and selling a lower-quality item masked as your brand. Not only are they getting your sales, but the unauthorized seller's actions will likely lead to negative reviews on your listing and poor customer service.

Address the Unauthorized Seller Immediately

Once you've identified that your Amazon listing has been hijacked, you need to take action immediately. First, make a test purchase from the unauthorized seller and document what you find. Then, draft an Amazon cease and desist letter using the downloadable template from IP and eCommerce law firm Cabilly & Co. found on this page.

To send the letter to the seller, click on the seller's username to reach their Amazon page. Then, click the "Ask a Question" button in the top right. Next, select "An item for sale," and "Question about a product." Paste the content of your cease and desist letter and submit it. Give the seller a few days to respond.

Report the Hijacker to Amazon

If the unauthorized seller does not respond to your cease and desist letter, submit a report Infringement form to Amazon. Be sure to include any documentation you have such as photos and notes you collected from your test purchase. Explain how the counterfeit item is causing a negative experience for customers.

Download the Amazon Cease and Desist Letter Template

Not quite sure what to say in your cease and desist letter? Simply fill out the short form to get an Amazon cease and desist letter template from the legal experts at Cabilly & Co.