Seller Central vs. FeedbackFive: Two Solicitation Models

by Colleen Quattlebaum, on November 25, 2016

What is the best way to solicit for Amazon seller feedback?

Many merchants begin by manually soliciting via their Amazon Seller Central accounts. While this is certainly a great way to get started, as orders increase, this approach quickly becomes unfeasible. To create scalability, growth-minded sellers often turn to feedback automation (by using our FeedbackFive tool).

In this post, we'll discuss why using a service like FeedbackFive can help you achieve better feedback with less effort.

Soliciting via Amazon Seller Central

Solicitation from your Amazon Seller Central account is fairly basic and straightforward. As, Inc. ("Amazon") points out here, you can solicit feedback by "using the Contact Buyer link in Manage Orders. Select 'Feedback Request' for the subject." Compose and send your message, and you're ready to move on to the next customer. Steadily work through each transaction (although you may want to avoid soliciting certain customers, depending on how things went).

This process does have its perks, namely:

  • It's free (unless you count the cost of your time)
  • It's familiar
  • You don't have to learn how to use new software

There are some drawbacks, of course. These include:

  • Your time is valuable
  • You commonly lose track of which transactions you've already solicited
  • Copying and pasting can lead to errors and oversights
  • Clicking through so many orders is mind-numbing
  • Tracking feedback received can be a time-intensive process

As order volume grows, the true cost of manual solicitation via the Buyer-Seller Messaging service becomes quantifiable. True, more orders can translate into a greater opportunity for receiving feedback. On the other hand, to maintain or increase your feedback conversion rate, you either need to add staff - or implement a tool like FeedbackFive.

Soliciting via FeedbackFive

Compare the manual approach to using FeedbackFive. Unlike soliciting through the Seller Central messenger, FeedbackFive automates the entire process. When merchants sign up for FeedbackFive (try it free by clicking here), they're guided through an intuitive on-boarding process. Sellers can then build rule-based campaigns, set solicitation exclusion rules and even create mass personalization by using shortcut tags.


The net result? Our customers consistently report better feedback ratings, reduced administrative costs and increased engagement with buyers. These benefits add up. We've helped thousands of merchants successfully solicit more than 30 million Amazon feedbacks since 2009.

FeedbackFive's Impact on Your Business

To illustrate FeedbackFive's potential for your own business, consider this simple example. Let's say that you offer a variety of products, but your items can be loosely categorized into three groups: garden tools, flashlights and socks (random, I know). In the past, you've set aside two hours on Friday afternoons to solicit feedback. You've even developed email copy for each product category. On a good day, you can manually solicit feedback for about fifty orders. If you didn't use product category-specific email copy, you could probably get through more; however, you feel like the personal touch is worth the extra administrative time.

One fateful day, you finally grow tired of manually soliciting and decide to try FeedbackFive. After a surprisingly speedy setup, you configure three campaigns - one for each product category. You're also amazed by all of the professionally-designed email templates and automation rules at your disposal. In less time than it traditionally takes to solicit a measly fifty orders, you've now enabled a feedback solicitation engine.

Thanks to FeedbackFive, your Friday afternoons just got a whole lot more productive. And, best of all, your customers still receive the amazing engagement you've always provided.

Which Option is Right for You?

If you keep using Seller Central to solicit feedback, no hard feelings. FeedbackFive has been here since 2009 to help merchants just like you. And we're always here to help if you change your mind.

Click here to browse our affordable monthly plans and start a risk-free trial.