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amazon-feedback-removal-requestMaintaining a positive seller feedback rating is essential for your Amazon business. If your rating dips too low, it can negatively impact your seller health as well as the organic search results for your products. Being proactive about managing your Amazon seller reputation can help you keep a higher feedback rating.

Unfortunately, sometimes things just don't go the way you planned. If you receive negative feedback on Amazon, it's important to try to understand what went wrong to prevent another buyer from having a similar negative experience. Was this customer's issue just a fluke, or does it signal a larger problem that you need to try to resolve, such as a problem with your packaging getting damaged in transit? 

Resolving Negative Feedback

In many cases, negative feedback can be removed from your account. For example, Amazon has a policy for removing specific types of feedback, such as feedback left for orders that are fulfilled by Amazon. Feedback that violates Amazon's Community Guidelines needs to be reported to Amazon. Click here to see Amazon's feedback removal policy.

In other circumstances, you will need to consider working with the buyer to resolve the negative feedback. Amazon gives customers 60 days to edit or remove their feedback after leaving it. There's a chance that reaching out to the customer and attempting to make things right will sway their opinion of your business. 

Send an Amazon Feedback Removal Request

It's important to follow Amazon's guidelines when contacting a buyer to request negative feedback removal. You should never pressure a buyer to change their negative rating, but you can work with them to make sure you understand what went wrong and try to turn that negative experience around. After doing so, you can send a request to the buyer to ask for an updated feedback rating, using neutral language that does not hint at or ask the buyer to leave a positive rating. 

Not quite sure what to say? Snag our free Amazon feedback removal request template to see an example of how to structure your message. Simply fill out the short form to get your copy today.