How 9 Minutes Could Save You Hours of Manual Labor

by Colleen Quattlebaum, on February 9, 2017

"FeedbackFive only took a few minutes to set up, but it has already saved me countless hours of manual labor soliciting feedback and tracking my efforts."

We hear a lot of new customers say things like this. And perhaps it's no surprise why. Since the tool first hit the market back in 2009, our development team has obsessively sought new ways to save merchants time. We're never fully satisfied with the tool, which means our users benefit from a steady stream of new features and enhancements. The net result? Amazon merchants have trusted FeedbackFive to solicit millions of feedbacks!

So, if you've been thinking about trying a feedback management system but haven't gotten around to it, this post is for you. We'll show how FeedbackFive is well worth a small upfront investment of your time.

9 Minutes, That's It

How long does it take to set up FeedbackFive? It's a fair question - and, one that we recently sought to answer.

After some analysis by our top-rated customer success team, we have determined that most Amazon sellers require an average of 9 minutes to get FeedbackFive up and running. That's right, in the time it takes to boil spaghetti, you could completely automate your Amazon reputation management workflow. To get started, follow these simple steps:

1. Claim your free 14-day trial by signing up for a free (or paid) account.

2. Allow FeedbackFive to connect to your Amazon seller account (our sign-up wizard shows you how to do this in a few simple clicks).


3. After you've connected, FeedbackFive allows you to import your past Amazon orders. (Note: This step only takes a few seconds of your time, but, Inc. may take an hour or two to fully import your data to FeedbackFive.)

4. Review (and customize) the default campaigns and email templates in FeedbackFive. If everything looks good to you, simply enable your solicitation campaigns.

5. Sit back, relax and watch FeedbackFive do the hard work for you!

Automating Your Workflow

After the initial setup is complete, you'll be surprised by how much time you get back in your busy day. FeedbackFive users enjoy a much more streamlined feedback management workflow, thanks in particular to:

  • The elimination of manual Amazon feedback solicitation
  • Automatic email and text alerts for negative feedback
  • Rule-based logic for follow-up sequences (such as, if no feedback has been received, send email #2)
  • Real-time trend data, feedback tracking, and analytics
  • Built-in product review management (solicitation & ASIN tracking)
  • Global opt-out database of Amazon buyers to avoid soliciting
  • ...and countless other time-saving features

So, how will you use all this extra time saved by FeedbackFive?

Although you could reallocate this time entirely toward inventory or pricing decisions, it may be wise to use a portion of this time to optimize your reputation management strategy. Like any tool, FeedbackFive is only as valuable as you make it. Sure, you can just "set it and forget it." But is that the most strategic path? Our most successful users make time to continuously refine their email copy, layouts, campaign logic and other variables. By regularly analyzing open rates and other metrics, you'll empower your business to solicit with the right message at exactly the right time - every time.

Your Time is Too Valuable

If you're spending more than 9 minutes per year on feedback management, you really can't afford to ignore FeedbackFive any longer. Get started with your free 14-day trial today. In no time, you'll be amazed at the boost to your productivity - and seller reputation.

Put FeedbackFive to work on your behalf!