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Amazon feedback request templateRequesting feedback can help Amazon sellers improve their seller reputations, but it's important to follow Amazon's guidelines when doing so.

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What makes a great Amazon feedback request? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Follow the Rules

As an Amazon seller, it is important to familiarize yourself with Amazon’s rules and guidelines. When it comes to requesting seller feedback, you should never offer incentives (including discounts and coupons) for buyers to provide or remove feedback.

Always communicate in a professional manner and follow all of Amazon's policies for communicating with buyers.

Keep it Simple

Most customers are satisfied. But like everyone else, they are busy and easily distracted. To improve your odds of winning their attention, respect those facts and follow these tips when creating your Amazon feedback request email:

  • Be brief. This is a business note, not the annual holiday letter.
  • Look good. Add a simple logo to make the request more professional.
  • Be specific. Include details of your customer’s purchase (per Amazon’s guidelines) to underscore the business at hand.
  • Time it right. Avoid being early or late. Sending soon after the item is delivered typically works well, as does early morning email delivery. 

This Amazon feedback email template helps you achieve these goals. You can also use a tool like FeedbackFive to automate these requests. The software works with Amazon’s API to send your messages through Buyer-Seller Messaging or the Amazon Request a Review button, which sends a message that includes a seller feedback request.

Ask for Feedback

You can drastically improve your odds of receiving feedback by asking for it. Be sincere, but also keep this in mind: Asking is not begging or pleading, or cajoling. Simply make the request in a neutral manner.

Download our free Amazon feedback request template to see an example of an effective Amazon follow-up email today.