How to Solicit Feedback on Amazon

by Colleen Quattlebaum

So, you're interested in improving your Amazon feedback score.

Unfortunately, simply waiting around for feedback doesn't seem to be working. In fact, most sellers who take the "wait and see" approach are greatly disappointed. The simple truth is that less than 5% of Amazon buyers, if unprompted, take the time to leave feedback. This means you'll need to fill at least 2,000 orders just to get 100 feedbacks. Pretty sad, right?

Luckily,, Inc. ("Amazon") does permit (some might even say encourage) merchants like you to solicit feedback.

In this post, we'll discuss how to solicit feedback on Amazon.

1. Start with a Customer-Centric Approach

Think about the times you've purchased items on the Amazon marketplace. If you're like most customers, you simply expect a flawless experience. You want to get in, place your order and get back to what you were doing - as quickly as possible. You expect the order to ship ASAP (ideally within a few hours of placing the order), and you're particularly pleased if a package arrives ahead of schedule. Shipping delays or box content mix-ups aren't even a consideration.

As a seller, however, you realize that even your own expectations are impossible to live up to. Weather delays happen. Vendors, who ship direct to Amazon on your behalf, occasionally mess up inbound FBA shipments. And even Amazon itself makes mistakes, despite its impeccable track record.

Although these circumstances, which are usually outside of your control, can lead to negative feedback, it's vital to maintain a customer-first mentality. When problems occur, customers prefer a proactive, open approach. Admit mishaps and then swiftly take action to make it right. Sure, some customers are impossible to please; most, however, are reasonable and will thank you for your candor. (You'll also be in a much better position to prevent or remove negative feedback.)

2. Understand Amazon's Solicitation Rules

Some sellers are surprised to learn that Amazon does permit the solicitation of feedback, so long as you do not try to incentivize the customer to do so. Solicitation can occur one of two ways: on the packing slip and/or via email.

Before crafting your solicitation, be sure to follow these guidelines from Amazon. Here's a quick recap of the highlights:

  • You can't do things that might divert customers to a non-Amazon website (such as your own domain).
  • Feedback solicitations should serve as a means to measure customer satisfaction (not market your company or products).
  • You should not circumvent Amazon-generated email addresses.
  • You can't leave feedback for your own account.
  • Never offer to pay for or incentivize customers to leave (or remove) feedback.
  • There's a difference between asking and pressuring customers. Asking is fine, pressuring is bad.

It's also worth noting the difference between seller feedback and product reviews. This article specifically discusses feedback. We'll save the topic of "review solicitation" for a different post. In the meantime, you might check this guide on

3. Start Soliciting

Once you have a firm understanding of Amazon's solicitation rules, it's time to get busy requesting feedback. Updating your packing slips to include a solicitation message is fine, but most sellers achieve the greatest impact from email solicitation. Electronic solicitation usually takes one of two forms: manual or automated.

We've spoken at length about the differences between manual and automated solicitation. In short, many sellers start off soliciting manually via their Seller Central accounts. However, once a certain order volume is reached (usually around 50 orders per month), manual solicitation becomes impractical. After all, your time is much too valuable to waste on tedious administrative tasks.

Thankfully, a FeedbackFive Lite account can automate your feedback solicitation for free. Browse dozens of professionally designed email templates and customize your text (or feel free to use our prebuilt wording).


You'll also get our ready-to-go solicitation campaigns. Our time-tested campaigns have been used by Amazon sellers in 100+ countries to generate millions of feedbacks. (By the way, did I mention that we invented automated Amazon feedback solicitation back in 2009?)


And, as you grow your Amazon presence, you can always upgrade to one of our paid plans to get more emails and features. Of course, there's no obligation - stay on our Lite plan as long as you like!

Solicit Feedback & Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Remember, Amazon feedback solicitation is a perfectly legitimate activity. You just have to do so in a tasteful, customer-focused way.

FeedbackFive helps you stay in compliance with Amazon's guidelines, while simultaneously delivering results. Sign up for your free account today.

Originally published on May 31, 2017, updated July 15, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.