Finding Your Feedback Strategy

by Jeanne Croteau

As an Amazon seller, you know that you need feedback in order to build your reputation and brand. After all, the more positive ratings and seller feedback you have, the more likely you are to attract new customers.

Still, soliciting feedback is time-consuming. Fortunately, tools such as FeedbackFive, the industry’s leading feedback management tool designed specifically for Amazon merchants, can help automate the process to save you time while still meeting your goals. This article will help you assess your needs and choose the correct plan so that you can focus on securing the quality feedback that you deserve.

What is Your Feedback Strategy?

First things first, if you aren’t even asking for feedback you probably won’t get much, if any at all. It’s important to solicit the opinions of your customers, because your seller reputation depends on it.

If you want to be proactive but don’t know how to get started, sign up for FeedbackFive and let our tool do the work! Once you become a user, you can import the last 90 days of orders, select a pre-built feedback request template and immediately set a plan in motion. It’s that simple!

Are Your Emails Working?

If you already use FeedbackFive and you’re satisfied with how much feedback you’re receiving, keep up the good work! If, however, you are a user and feel that you aren’t seeing the results you hoped for, it might be time to look at your campaigns with fresh eyes.

Starting with your subject line and working through your copy and call-to-action, make some changes that will liven up the experience for your customers and improve open rates. Try to personalize your message as much as possible. You want your buyer to feel valued.

You may also find it useful to adjust your campaign rules and timing. Of course, if all else fails you can always schedule an account review with a Customer Success Advisor who can offer tips and suggestions for optimizing your use of FeedbackFive.

What Plan is Best?

Every business is different, and you know what’s best for your situation. If you need some guidance about choosing the best plan, review these descriptions and see which one best describes you as an Amazon seller:

The Minimalist - If you just want to be able to take advantage of our tool but run a smaller business, the Free plan might be right for you. Offering 50 monthly emails, three campaigns and the ability to monitor two free ASINs, this plan is ideal for a single user operating one store.

The Engager – Best for those running one store, the Basic plan gives you more ways to engage customers since it is designed for businesses sending 250 emails or less per month and no more than three campaigns. You’ll still have the ability to monitor two ASINs for free, and an unlimited number of users will be able to access the feedback management tool.

The Juggler – You’ve got a lot going on. You’re managing two stores which require, at most, 10 campaigns each. You can monitor five ASINs for free and send up to 1500 emails every month. You also want to get notified when you receive negative feedback or reviews, so you'll need to sign up for the Pro plan.

The Tailor – The Enterprise plan is right for you if you’re doing big business and/or want to give your customers a personalized experience. You'll be able to access all of FeedbackFive’s features, including the option to send unlimited campaigns, get a professionally designed email by a certified FeedbackFive Email Designer, as well as a kick-start session tailored to your specific needs.

Are You Automated?

FeedbackFive users already know how valuable and time-saving automation can be; so if you’re soliciting feedback in a different way, it might be time to try something new.

For a more information, check out a side-by-side comparison of all of our plans and then sign up for a free trial! Once you experience the power of automation, you’ll quickly realize that it’s the winning component in any feedback strategy!

Originally published on May 3, 2018, updated July 15, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.