Feedback Conversion Rate on Amazon

by Joanna Lupo

“Why aren’t more of my customers leaving feedback on Amazon?”

If you’re asking yourself this question, you’re not alone. Most studies indicate that less than 10% of customers on Amazon will take the time to leave feedback.

Keep reading for tips on how to help boost your feedback conversion rate - and your bottom line.

Small Percentage, Big Returns

Let’s start with an often over-looked fact: even a small improvement in the amount of feedback you receive can have a substantial impact. What would happen if you could increase your feedback from 10 percent of your customers to 15 percent? If you average 1,000 sales per month, a five percent increase in feedback could add 50 new ratings per month - a total of 600 per year.

This sounds great, but what are some practical steps to make this a reality? To answer this question, let’s start by examining how and when customers leave feedback.

The How and When of Feedback

It is of course important to remember that leaving feedback is optional on the customer’s part. Amazon does, however, encourage buyers to leave comments about their purchasing experiences. Amazon occasionally sends out a feedback reminder message to your customers, generally within two days of the maximum estimated delivery date of the shipment or within about three weeks of the order being placed (whichever is earlier), assuming that your customer hasn’t already given feedback.

Keep in mind that Amazon customers cannot leave feedback while an order is still open. Take extra care to ensure that you have confirmed shipment on the order so that the status information is always accurate.

One-Up Your Competition

Don’t underestimate the importance of Amazon feedback. It provides your Amazon storefront with credibility, which in turn increases the likelihood that customers will choose you when shopping for a product. If your feedback outpaces your competitors, you’ll have an extra edge.

So, how do you increase feedback conversions? The most important thing is to stop thinking of feedback as something out of your control. Instead of sitting along the sidelines, drive the process. Many merchants start by manually soliciting feedback (click here for tips on how to do this). While this approach can pay dividends, the process can be quite time consuming and error-prone.

Alternatively, you can utilize feedback management software to automatically solicit customer ratings. Once enabled, FeedbackFive will go to work:

  • automatically requesting feedback from buyers
  • identifying trends
  • alerting you to neutral and negative feedback

Ready to take charge of your feedback? Click here to try FeedbackFive risk-free.

Originally published on March 24, 2015, updated June 1, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.