How Much is Amazon Feedback Solicitation Really Costing You?

by Colleen Quattlebaum

"I don't need a feedback automation tool. Soliciting for Amazon feedback doesn't take that much of my time, and I even kind of enjoy it."

Does this sound like you?

In this article, I'm going to challenge the status quo when it comes to your feedback solicitation process. (Spoiler alert: this article contains an Amazon feedback calculator to demonstrate how much money you might be losing through manual solicitation!)

Manually Requesting Feedback Takes Time

At first glance, Amazon reputation management seems like more of a branding initiative than something that offers direct ROI. Why invest in software for a process that isn't mission critical?

As professional sellers quickly learn, however, the Amazon feedback score is much more than a feel-good metric. Feedback actually influences how often you win the Buy Box and impacts your relationship with, Inc. ("Amazon"). For these reasons, intelligent merchants (like you!) get busy asking customers for Amazon feedback, which, by the way, is a perfectly legitimate activity. In fact, Amazon even encourages sellers to ask buyers for feedback.

It's understandable why some sellers take a manual approach to feedback solicitation. For newer merchants, following up on a few dozen orders appears manageable. For more established sellers, the additional cost of a feedback management tool can seem like an unnecessary expenditure. Unfortunately, with everything else going on in an eCommerce business, manual feedback solicitation usually ends up being more disruptive than helpful. After all, each order requires someone at your organization to do the following:

  • Log in to your Seller Central dashboard
  • Go to the "Manage Orders" section
  • Find the correct order
  • Click the "Contact Buyer" link
  • Select "Feedback Request" as the subject
  • Compose a compelling message (without violating one of Amazon's rules)
  • Send your message
  • Update your records (some sellers use a spreadsheet for this)
  • Set a reminder on your calendar or to-do list for future follow-up (if appropriate)
  • Repeat the process for subsequent orders

That's a lot of steps! Granted, you might be able to expedite the process by batching several solicitations into one session. Or, you might develop a solicitation template (like this one) from which you can copy and paste. Regardless of your ability to consolidate the workflow, there are still several steps involved - which add up to real time that you could be doing something else.

The Math Doesn't Add Up

Still not convinced that manual solicitation is a time waster?

To illustrate my point, I'd like to present a few hard numbers. Let's say that you've been manually soliciting, and now it only takes 30 seconds to send each feedback message. (You're a rock star by the way!) Your business continues to grow, and you're averaging about 250 orders per month. You usually send at least one email to each customer, but you'd love to send a second if the first doesn't do the trick. Unfortunately, you usually only have time to send one per order - regardless of the outcome.

Now, for the sake of conversation, let's say that your effective hourly rate is $50. (It's probably much higher than that, but I had to pick something!) Plugging all this data into the calculator below reveals something pretty shocking. (Feel free to play around with the calculator for yourself!). In this example scenario, manual feedback solicitation is actually costing your business a whopping $1,250 per year.


There's a Better Way Forward

FeedbackFive is the original feedback management software for Amazon merchants like you. Since 2009, thousands of merchants have trusted our tool to successfully earn millions of Amazon feedbacks.

Unlike manual feedback solicitation, which secretly drains your productivity and bank account, FeedbackFive offers several budget-friendly plans. Our Basic plan is only $9.99 per month (or less than $120 per year) and allows you to send up to 250 emails per month. Given the previous example, this represents more than $1,000 in savings when compared to manual solicitation.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Originally published on June 27, 2017, updated July 16, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.