How Wizardry Works with Feedback Automation

by Colleen Quattlebaum

Amazon sellers are always looking for a little marketing magic to boost their bottom lines. Getting back in the black after a busy selling season or catching a big wave of positive feedback feels great, but after enduring razor-thin Amazon profit margins you’ll still be pondering the same question at the end of the day. How much did success cost?

If you read our last post about the cost savings related to automating your feedback requests, you already know choosing to automate your feedback can easily save you thousands of dollars every year. In a world where content management and customer service are so crucial, spending time composing email copy or hiring someone to design your templates can also cost you big money.

FeedbackFive is the only feedback automation system on the market that offers a speedy, cost-efficient solution for curbing writer's block and creating professional templates you can be proud of.

The Wonderful Wizard of Options

Writing a carefully crafted message from scratch can be difficult, especially if writing is not your strong suit. FeedbackFive’s Email Template Wizard takes away that stress by reducing the creation of your feedback solicitation template down to a few simple choices and providing a pre-composed message that you can edit at your leisure.

First, choose from twelve professionally designed visual themes. Some are more general than others, but most of the templates represent popular selling niches in the Amazon community.

Next, go down the list to confirm your settings. Do you want to include a logo? Out of our listed choices, which email salutation do you prefer? Did you want to include the Amazon order number in your subject? You can also decide to include either a product review link or a seller feedback link in your message, or both.


Aside from the pre-populated content that you can keep or change at your discretion, all other choices are made by radio buttons representing your options.


After saving, you can review your completed template and even send test emails to yourself and those you work with.

Express or Artiste

Although the Template Wizard is designed to have a message ready to send out within minutes of opening your account, it also serves as the portal to an Advanced Email Editor (available at the Pro Plan level and above.

This feature offers an easy-to-use rich text editor for exercising more control over creating new and more sophisticated templates, although you can utilize your HTML skills through the Source option if you prefer.

Form-fill data options in a dropdown menu allow for the template to autofill a long list of items. These include variations of the customer’s name, the Amazon order number, item lists, order dates, review links and other pieces of information that you can place wherever you would like in the message. FeedbackFive will use respective order information to populate the forms. SKU specific messaging is also available by inserting SKU tags from the form fill menu.

Another Advanced option gives the ability to store and insert images into your messages. An option for linking to documents your customers might find helpful is also available.

Time, Money and All the Templates You Want

In the bigger picture, FeedbackFive’s Template Wizard is invaluable for creating specialized messages tailored to an Amazon merchant’s audience. You can store an unlimited number of templates, while utilizing 3 different messages at any given time—one for FBA orders, one for Merchant Fulfilled orders and one for a second email sent to all buyers.

We’ve also just announced our highly anticipated Email Campaigns feature. It will provide even more flexibility in using email templates, including a new default layout for mobile responsiveness and compatibility with various browsers and email clients. We add features to FeedbackFive often to make feedback automation even more helpful to our customers.

The Wizard continues to save countless Amazon sellers time and money every year. To see how much time the Email Template Wizard can save you, sign up for a free 14-day free trial today. We have lots of other features you’ll like too!

Originally published on September 30, 2015, updated June 4, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.