Why Amazon Feedback Is So Important

by Matthew McAuliff

Amazon Feedback Guide for New Sellers

If you are trying to become a more successful Amazon seller, you simply can’t avoid your feedback score. Gaining and maintaining positive Amazon feedback is crucial for all sellers. Positive feedback is especially valuable for sellers with high aspirations (such as winning the Buy Box).

Since ratings are a huge decision-making factor for prospective customers, you should embrace the opportunity and use Amazon feedback to your advantage. Even negative feedback can do some good – it can help you identify ways to become a better seller.

In this post, we’ll explore the value of Amazon feedback and discuss tips for getting more of it.

What are the Advantages of Amazon Feedback?

For starters, there are two types of customer feedback that you should keep your eyes on – product-related feedback (commonly referred to as “product reviews”) and seller-related feedback. These two types of customer interactions are both valuable for you as a seller. This article focuses primarily on seller-related feedback. (For more information about product reviews, click here.)

A high level of positive Amazon feedback can help you become a successful seller for many reasons. First, positive feedback serves as a quality indicator. This can convince customers to choose your product over others and push hesitating customers into buying.

Positive Amazon feedback also serves as a word of mouth recommendation, which is often cited by experts as the most powerful marketing tool. People tend to make purchasing decisions based on other people’s actions and words. Research studies show that consumers value online reviews as much as they value personal recommendations.

Positive feedback has also been known to contribute to how sellers rank on Amazon. Feedback history is one of the factors that influences the Amazon algorithm for winning the Buy Box. While price is certainly crucial for winning the Buy Box, the overall service quality that you provide plays a significant role in improving your chances to get it. Therefore, you should do everything that is in your power to build up your stars on Amazon.

How Can You Build More Amazon Feedback?

Ensure a flawless customer experience

Before you start looking for feedback quantity, you have to evaluate your selling quality. Do a thorough evaluation of all aspects that influence the customer experience. The way you sell a product can influence the purchase decision more than the product itself.

Check your product descriptions

Most consumers are motivated to leave bad feedback in cases when they felt they were misled about a product. Make sure that you provide precise information about the product that leaves no space for confusion.

Product descriptions should help consumers imagine the feeling of owning the product. Try to think as a consumer when describing your product – what would you like to know before you purchase it? Think about how a particular product can improve your customer’s life.

Make sure that you provide only relevant information in your product titles and descriptions. Product titles should be compelling, but you shouldn’t include information about promotions or shipment. There are specific areas for entering information related to brand or seller name, shipping, promotion details, etc.

Don’t be stingy with words when describing your product. State all the essential features in a very compelling way. You can list the key product features in bullet points to make it easier for people to compare your product with others. However, the overall product description should consist of many relevant details.

Having clear and quality product images is another crucial aspect of presenting your product. Images help consumers imagine the experience of owning the product. A quality image should offer a focused photo of the product on a simple background, matching with the product description in terms of color and size.

Be clear about shipping and pricing

Shipping is one of the most crucial aspects that consumers take into consideration when making online purchasing decisions. Therefore, you should clearly state your shipping policy regarding the costs and delivery time. You should ship your products within two business days (or sooner) of order and include your return address.

With regard to pricing, make sure you research your competitors’ prices before making any final decisions. When you make your decision, clearly state your product price and shipping costs. Many experts believe that you can significantly increase your sales (and goodwill with the client) by offering free shipping.

Keep an eye on the inventory

Avoid putting yourself in a position of being out of stock. Running out of stock may lower the customer experience and push customers into the hands of another seller. It’s best if you make daily updates to your inventory.

If your inventory levels seem stagnant due to lack of sales, check the pricing and try to make appropriate adjustments. Conditions offered by your competition can be a good point of evaluation.

Maintain excellent customer service

Amazon has been known for its great customer service, and you should use the opportunity to piggyback on this reputation. Building and maintaining effective communication with customers is crucial for getting high levels of positive Amazon feedback. Make sure that you answer all inquiries within 24 hours.

Excellent customer service also means effective handling of returns and refunds. If you can’t fulfill an order, you should cancel it within 48 hours. You should also make refunds within 5 business days from the day when you receive the return.

Ask for feedback!

The most crucial (and often overlooked) strategy for getting Amazon feedback is to simply ask for it. After you’ve done everything possible to offer a great customer experience, you should ask for feedback. There are several ways of motivating your customers to do so.

Many sellers send personalized follow-up emails that ask for feedback after the purchase. It’s best to send these emails to your customers shortly after they have received the product. Although Amazon sends generic emails after each purchase, you should make an effort to establish more personalized communication with your customers. FeedbackFive can help you do just that.

You can also encourage customers to leave feedback by sending a note with the package. Newsletters and social media are also channels that offer opportunities to ask for feedback from potentially satisfied customers.

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Originally published on December 1, 2014, updated June 13, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.