Holiday Tips for Amazon Sellers

A Q4 guide to help you survive and thrive during the holiday rush.

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amazon-seller-q4-survival-guideQ4 is a famously busy (and profitable!) time of year for Amazon sellers. We’ve created this short Q4 survival guide to help you find some sanity as you run your Amazon business and enjoy holiday traditions. It’s packed with expert advice and tips, including:

  • Important dates to remember
  • Tips for managing your busy schedule
  • Advice from top Amazon experts
  • Tools to help with the busy season
  • And more!

As shoppers search for last-minute ideas and hunt for sales in hopes of finding that perfect gift, you have a fantastic opportunity to boost holiday sales. Here are four additional tips to help you put your best foot forward this holiday season!

Dazzle Them

Go through your Amazon listings, your website and any social media accounts. How does everything look? Are you giving your customers a single unified brand or are things disjointed and disorganized? 

It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes to have consistent branding across all of your platforms. Use the same colors, fonts and graphics to help build your brand. It looks more polished and professional. It will also help set you apart from other merchants while establishing a recognizable presence.

Along those lines, consider adding multiple images of your products as well as how-to videos to your listings. While many customers enjoy the convenience of buying online, they also value the ability to know more about a product before they buy it. Videos can give potential customers peace of mind. They can also bring in traffic from YouTube, Google and social media sites which may translate into more sales.

Be Descriptive

Go through your listings and take a critical look at how your products are described. Do they provide a bare minimum amount of information? If so, take some time to get creative and really sell your items. Know of any unique ways your product has been used by past customers? Share it!

The same is true for how you represent your business in your profile descriptions. Don’t leave any blank spaces. This is your chance to shine and tell customers why you are the best. This is how you will set yourself apart from the competition. Don’t blow it by cutting corners.

Get Social

There are few marketing tools more powerful than social media right now. Today’s consumers are not only looking to buy online but they want to have direct contact with sellers and other buyers. They want details, promotions and the ability to read reviews before buying a product. With so many people competing in this space, you will get overlooked if you neglect this part of your business.

It seems like there’s a new social network popping up every day so it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Consider your products and your target audience. 

Whatever platform you choose, try to keep your approach respectful and balanced. Don’t just focus on selling your business. Share related content such as a news story or funny meme that your audience will find interesting. Ask engaging, rapport-building questions such as “What’s your favorite holiday movie?” and then respond to your followers. Post how-to videos about your products and ask your community to share their experiences. (Check out the Social Media for Amazon Sellers webinar to learn more!)

Most importantly, address any comments, questions, or concerns immediately, especially if someone has had a negative experience. You want to show that you are responsive and committed to providing excellent customer service. Use this opportunity to make a great impression.

Have Some Fun

At the end of the day, this is a time to have fun, show some personality and, of course, boost sales. Let your creative juices flow, take some risks and get into the holiday spirit. Spread joy and let your positivity be infectious. Your community will grow along with your reputation and brand which, ultimately, is the gift that will keep on giving.

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