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Launching New Amazon Products: A Smart Product Review Strategy

by Liz Fickenscher

In CPC Strategy's Amazon Product Launch Series, eComEngine's Colleen Quattlebaum presented on launching new products and product review strategy. Colleen covered:

  • Why Amazon product reviews are important
  • How Vendor and Sellers can monitor product reviews (and why they should)
  • Tips for getting more product reviews
  • Product reviews and Amazon TOS Compliance
  • And more!

Watch the video above for this great information!

Here is the webinar recap, written by Jeanne Croteau:

In this second part of the Amazon Vendors Product Launch Acceleration Series, Colleen Quattlebaum presented on product launch and product review strategy. In the informative webinar, she discusses many topics including why product reviews are essential, how vendors and sellers can monitor them and how to get more reviews on Amazon. Here’s a quick overview of the highlights!

Amazon Product Reviews Matter — A Lot!

Regardless of your business model, product reviews matter. First and foremost, they indicate whether customers have been satisfied with their purchase. When you see negative reviews cropping up, it's a good idea to investigate and address the issue.

Now that online shopping is so popular (in fact, many product searches start on Amazon), customers look to product reviews as an indication of whether or not to buy a product. When others are saying they had a good experience, it gives them the social proof they need to complete the transaction.

When your business is proactive and engaged in responding to negative reviews in a timely and professional manner, it can go a long way toward protecting your brand and improving your reputation. Combined with an abundant amount of social proof, you will build customer trust and brand loyalty.

As Quattlebaum explains, “The best way for a brand to grow and improve is by listening to [its] buyers, and reviews help you to identify risks or understand where you may need to make improvements to your products. You can really learn a lot from your reviews.”

Why You Should Monitor Amazon Reviews

“Tracking product reviews is a great way to see what buyers are saying about your product — and your competitors’ products,” Quattlebaum explains. This can be time-consuming, of course, but there are tools (such as FeedbackFive) that can streamline and automate the process, giving you accurate information at a glance.

By keeping your finger on the pulse of your customers, you’ll be better able to make informed inventory decisions. If something is underperforming, why continue to stock it? Additionally, reading through comments can help you come up with kitting or bundling ideas which can be especially helpful for seasonal or holiday pushes, particularly during Q4.

While monitoring reviews is important, Quattlebaum warns that it’s not enough. “Vendors need to be ready to jump on and comment immediately on any reviews with a rating of one to three stars,” she says. “As you know, they can be damaging to sales and the brand’s overall reputation if they are not handled correctly.”

Pre-Launch Preparation

Before launching a product, there are some things that you should do in order to be best prepared to enter the Amazon marketplace. Quattlebaum goes into fantastic detail about this in the webinar, so it’s definitely worth seeing, if you haven’t already. Topics she covers include:

  • Optimizing product listings.
  • Mitigating risk for negative reviews.
  • Email strategy.
  • Perks of automating your product review request process.
  • Action plans for dissatisfied buyers.

How to Get More Reviews on Amazon

There are a variety of ways to get Amazon reviews, but it varies depending on whether you are a vendor or seller. Here are some of the ways in which Quattlebaum suggests getting more reviews:

While each of these tactics has its own strengths and weaknesses, there’s something to be said about good, old-fashioned customer delight. In fact, no matter what approach you take, you should be striving to leave buyers happy and satisfied after every single transaction. When you commit to excellence (and wow your customers with great products and service), you’ll be elevating your brand’s reputation.

The Wrong Way to Ask for Reviews

One of the most important things you can do is get familiar with Amazon’s Terms of Service. The online retailer is very specific about how to conduct business on the site, and this includes soliciting reviews. In order to remain compliant, thoroughly read the guidelines and stick to them.

According to Quattlebaum, some of the things you absolutely cannot do include:

  • Asking friends and family for reviews.
  • Using “Black Hat” third-party services.
  • Drastically lowering prices and/or offering excessive promotions or discounts.
  • Encouraging only positive reviews.

Don’t try to trick the system — you’ll get caught! It takes effort, but it will be worth it in the end. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! Download our Amazon Product Review Compliance Checklist, which includes links to relevant Amazon policies as well as guidance for avoiding suspension. You can also get the Product Review Email Template and Brand Monitoring Checklist shared in the webinar here.

While we hope you’ve found this recap helpful, you’ll find so much more in the Launching New Products: A Smart Product Review Strategy webinar. Preparation for Q4 and the busy holiday season begins in just a couple months, so now is a great time to fine-tune your game plan. Nobody wants to leave profits on the table, so be sure to check out the webinar and put yourself in the best position possible!

Originally published on May 3, 2019, updated July 31, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.

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