For Beginners: An Introduction to Amazon Seller Central

by Matthew McAuliff, on November 5, 2014

Once you start selling on Amazon, you will quickly discover that Amazon Seller Central can be a great resource. For new sellers, however, this dashboard can be rather overwhelming.

In this post, we’ll take an introductory look at Amazon Seller Central and offer some tips for getting started.

The Basics

If you’ve never logged in (or if it’s been a while) to Amazon Seller Central, you first want to click this link and log in. Upon logging in, you’ll be redirected to your seller dashboard. Here’s what that looks like.

Amazon Seller Central

Amazon has been working hard to make Seller Central as intuitive as possible. You’ll notice two menus: one along the left hand side of the page and the other to the right of the Amazon Seller Central logo. Let’s go through the important sections to know before you make your first sale.

Your Orders

This is found on the top of the left hand menu in Seller Central. “Your Orders” gives you a summary of your completed and pending orders. Think of this section as a quick reference dashboard for your sales activity on Amazon. At-a-glance you can see important sales information, such as: the number of orders in the last day and seven days, the number of orders still pending and the number of unshipped and returned orders.

Your orders

You may not need to examine this section all that often, but many merchants keep a close eye on the number of unshipped orders. Keep in mind you should be processing all orders within 24 to 48 hours (unless you have adjusted lead time to ship for some of your products). The goal is to ship orders as quickly and effectively as possible, and avoid orders being marked as late by Amazon.

The button below the summary is labelled “View Your Orders.” By clicking here, you will be able to print out a packing slip, buy postage and send a shipping confirmation email to your customer. (You can also navigate to this section of Seller Central by clicking “Orders” from the top menu.)

View your orders


This is located below the “Your Orders” box. Here, you can see your overall seller rating. Amazon also explains how this is calculated (learn more here). (Note that you can also access performance information by clicking on “Performance” from the main menu at the top.)

Under your seller rating is “Customer Feedback.” Here, you can see what your average star rating is out of five stars and how many customer feedbacks you have received.


More About Customer Feedback

By clicking on “Customer Feedback” you will be able to see all of your feedback in detail, including the specific comments that were left and the order number that they relate to.

Customer Feedback

From this screen, you can also respond to customer feedback. In the event of unwarranted negative feedback, you will want to be familiar with this section of Amazon Seller Central. Proactive feedback management on Amazon is an important part of being successful as a merchant.

Buyer Messages

Toward the bottom of the left menu, you will see a listing of buyer messages. This number should read zero. If not, you have one or more messages from customers that require your immediate attention.

buyer messages

Communication is an important part of customer service on Amazon, and it is also a part of the seller rating. All customer messages should be answered within 24 hours.


At the top of your Amazon Seller Central page, you will see a tab called “Inventory.” By clicking on it, you can see your inventory that you have on Amazon. If you’re just getting started, this should be empty. However, after you begin adding inventory, this tab will serve as a very helpful resource.

You can also see and adjust your pricing information from this tab. Be sure to plan your pricing strategies before you start selling. There are many resources online to help you learn about pricing strategies on Amazon.


Each section of Amazon Seller Central could be discussed in much greater detail (which we intend to do in future posts). Stay tuned for more in-depth tutorials and tips for mastering Amazon Seller Central.