Amazon IPI Checklist

Use this checklist to improve your Inventory Performance Index score to earn unlimited storage and reduce overage fees.

It can be challenging to improve and maintain a good Amazon Inventory Performance Index (IPI) as an FBA seller. But, there are certain steps you can take to improve your score and ensure your IPI remains healthy. This free checklist will help you get your IPI score where it needs to be for unlimited storage and no overage fees.

Why Amazon IPI Matters

The Amazon IPI is a metric used to determine how your FBA business is performing over time. Your IPI score is calculated based on four areas of inventory management:

  • Excess inventory percentage
  • FBA sell-through rate
  • Stranded inventory percentage
  • FBA in-stock rate

If your Amazon IPI score drops too low, you risk being subjected to limited storage and incurring overage fees. Amazon updates the IPI target depending on available space in FBA warehouses, so it’s important to keep a close eye on your metrics to stay in the top-performing range.

Infographic that shows poor, good, and great IPI scores with text, "Amazon Inventory Performance Index"

Improve Your IPI Score

You can view your IPI score on the Inventory Planning dashboard or Inventory Performance page in Seller Central. Alerts in your dashboard will give you tips for reducing Amazon storage fees and carrying costs as well as notifications when it's time to restock. You may need to reduce excess inventory, fix stranded inventory, increase your FBA in-stock rate, or take other actions to improve your IPI score.

This free checklist will help you answer questions to make sure that you and your team are doing all the right tasks needed to improve and maintain an optimal IPI score. It also includes links to relevant Amazon reports and helpful tools.

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