Do Product Reviews Pay Off?

by Joanna Lupo

In the eCommerce Age, the customer is king. Winning positive seller reviews pads your ratings against incoming negative feedback, boosts your reputation, and can help win more sales.

But is there a way to further leverage positive feedback to increase sales? Just how much do positive feedback scores boost your business?

Today, 70% of online customers consult reviews before buying, and almost 84% of consumers say they would trust a user’s review over a critic’s, according to a recent study published by PeopleClaim.

In Amazon’s “Ask an Owner” feature several years ago, heavy importance was placed on the value of feedback. After that, merchants started focusing more on winning positive feedback for their products.

In this post, we talk about the impact product reviews have in the eCommerce world and who should be asking for them.

Running the Numbers

How valuable are product reviews? According to Internet Retailer, one review on a product page can increase the amount of orders for that item by 10%. As a product gets more reviews, this percentage increases significantly.

It’s also worthy to note consumers who visit a product page and read reviews convert at a 58% higher rate than those who don’t, and buyers feel more comfortable buying a product if they can read reviews first.

Your Customers Are Your Megaphone

Search engines reward pages with fresh content. Every time a new product review posts, your content is updated. Because you have new content, your store is more likely to come up in search engines. Reviews harness the power of the internet to keep you strong, SEO-wise.

Words used in a customer review can be product-specific, which can help other buyers. Buyers will often use common misspellings when searching for products which can also significantly help visibility.

When you offer quality products you probably don’t need to worry about an overwhelming amount of negative reviews. About 76% of reviews left by customers are positive, meaning this user generated content has a small probability of backfiring.

Consumers actually tend to distrust products that seem to attract nothing but praise, since there are merchants out there who write reviews of their own products. A few negative reviews amidst mostly positive reviews are unlikely to deter a buyer.

In conclusion, product reviews can offer value to buyers and sellers alike. Like we talked about in our post on increasing Amazon reviews, the merchants who benefit the very most are sellers with products unique to the marketplace and manufacturers building brands. These sellers have the opportunity to build a reputation for a product sold only by them.

Any merchant, however, can benefit from reviews.

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Originally published on March 19, 2015, updated May 8, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.