Amazon Product Review Compliance Checklist

Amazon allows sellers to request product reviews from buyers, but there are several rules that you should know about.

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amazon-product-review-compliance-checklistAmazon allows sellers to request product reviews from buyers, but there are several rules that you should know about before doing so. This at-a-glance checklist breaks down the guidelines into a simple format that you can use to ensure that your Amazon product review request is compliant.

Why Product Reviews Matter

Reviews are essential to a listing's success on the Amazon marketplace. As Amazon becomes an increasingly competitive landscape, product reviews help listings rank higher in organic search results. These ratings also provide an important element in building buyer trust, especially for new products and items in very competitive niches. After all, reviews are the digital version of "word of mouth" marketing.

Getting reviews for a new product can be challenging, but FeedbackFive can help. You can set up customized product review requests for each of your products to be sent to buyers through the Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging system. Prefer a simpler option? FeedbackFive also makes it easy to send messages through the system behind Amazon's Request a Review button.

A Brief Overview of Product Review Request Rules

Never attempt to manipulate an Amazon review in any way. You are not allowed to review your own product or a competitor's product. Your family members and employees are also not allowed to review your products or a competitor's products. You should never ask anyone to review your product (or a competitor's) in exchange for any kind of compensation, including a discount or free items. 

It's also important to know that you cannot ask a buyer to change or delete their review. You can comment on the review publicly, but make sure you follow Amazon's Community Guidelines when doing so. Never ask for a positive product review and do not attempt to divert negative experiences away from leaving a review by directing them to contact you first. Do not create variation relationships between your products in an attempt to manipulate reviews and boost the overall rating.

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This free checklist will help you answer questions to make sure that you and your team are in compliance with Amazon's Communication Guidelines for product review requests. It also includes helpful links to relevant Amazon policies. Fill out the short form to download your free checklist.