Introducing New Sticker and Box Content Enhancements for RestockPro

by Colleen Quattlebaum

RestockPro recently introduced new sticker formatting and box content upload options to simplify shipment preparation. Read on to find out what's new!

Print Stickers Three Ways

When prepping shipments, you will almost certainly have to deal with stickering your products in order to comply with Amazon's guidelines. RestockPro now offers three ways to access the print sticker option: from the products page, in the final step of the shipping wizard, or from an individual shipment or purchase order. After selecting the print sticker option, you’ll see a preview of your stickers. Line items required by, Inc. (“Amazon”) are pre-populated. You can also choose to add two additional line items to add any of the following to your stickers: SKU, Supplier SKU, ASIN, UPC, EAN or custom text such as your store name.


Customize and Print Stickers

The formatting for 30-up label sheets are more user-friendly with three options to choose from. You can print a blank separator sticker, page break by SKU or print continuously, depending on what your business needs. The blank separator option is also available for custom-size labels.

The “required stickers only” check box allows you to only print stickers that are required by Amazon. You can also print sticker sheets or individual custom-size stickers for a thermal printer. There are two options for 30-up label sheets as well as an option for 24-up labels on A4 paper for U.K. sellers.

Simplified Box Content Management

RestockPro now gives sellers the option to specify the box content source as a 2D barcode. This is especially welcome news for sellers who have their suppliers add 2D barcodes to their items, as it means that the shipment can now be completed without leaving RestockPro. Sellers who drop-ship inventory directly from suppliers can provide information for each box without needing to access FBA shipment details. You can easily provide product quantities and expiration dates for each box in a shipment with 2D barcodes. Suppliers create the 2D barcode stickers, which are then applied to each box. RestockPro notifies Amazon to expect 2D barcodes when the shipment arrives at the warehouse, where it is scanned to determine contents.

As any experienced seller knows, Amazon requires merchants to provide box content information. Sellers could be charged additional fees if this information is not provided for a shipment, even if it’s a single carton. Uploading box contents helps merchants by reducing the amount of time it takes to get items unpacked and available for sale.


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Originally published on April 20, 2017, updated June 20, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.