Insights into Amazon Shopper Behavior

by Becky Trowbridge

Getting insight into the habits of Amazon shoppers can help you refine your sales strategy. The team at CPC Strategy recently released their 2018 Amazon Shopper Behavior Study, which compiles information from 1500 US Amazon shoppers. In this post, I’ll share some highlights from the study.

Shopper Behavior

Nearly 80% of the shoppers who participated in the survey use Amazon to discover new products or brands. This shopping behavior means that smaller brands may have an edge for getting noticed on the Amazon marketplace versus other shopping channels. CPC Strategy Marketplace Channel Analyst Tanya Zadoorian said, “Reviews and FBA (Prime shipping) are some of the core aspects shoppers look at when purchasing an item on Amazon. This gives small to mid-sized brands the opportunity to compete with larger brands on Amazon, which is usually not the case offline.” Selling on the Amazon marketplace may just give smaller and less-established brands a better chance at a level playing field.

Approximately 67% of Amazon shoppers surveyed prefer to shop using their desktop computer or laptop, but that doesn’t mean that mobile is insignificant. The study also found that almost 70% of Amazon shoppers “window shop” prior to making a purchase, and much of this browsing is done from mobile devices. Optimizing your product listings with quality images, good descriptions and Enhanced Brand Content or A+ Content is one of the best ways to ensure that potential buyers understand the value and benefits of your products.

Page Rank Matters; So Does Advertising

Getting a recently launched product to rank on the first page of Amazon search results can be challenging, but it’s important. The study found that more than half of Amazon shoppers are unwilling to go beyond the second page of search results. As CPC Strategy noted, “81% of clicks are on brands on the first page of search results.”

How can you increase rankings for your products? Begin with a product that you believe in. If you want to make it big, you need a quality item that meets safety guidelines and customer needs. Build your seller reputation on the Amazon marketplace by politely requesting seller feedback. If you’re an established merchant with an impressive seller feedback rating, start asking buyers to review your products.

In conjunction with building your reputation (or your product’s reputation), consider advertising on the Amazon platform. CPC Strategy found that 90% of Amazon shoppers either “don’t notice ads” or find them “useful and relevant” as they make purchases. There are a variety of advertising options to choose from and costs vary greatly depending on your product and goals. To truly compete on the Amazon marketplace, paid advertising is becoming an increasingly important strategy for serious sellers.

Voice-Enabled Shopping Expected to Increase

It’s no secret that Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices are a hit. Folks are turning to voice-enabled devices to manage their calendars, send messages, set reminders, check the weather and much more. In this survey, 14.2% of respondents had ordered an item from the Amazon marketplace using a voice-enabled device in the past six months. This number will likely continue to increase as the convenience of voice-enabled devices becomes more integrated into daily life for many Americans.

Learn More

If you’d like to dig into these insights from CPC Strategy, you can snag your free copy of the Amazon Shopper Behavior Study here

Originally published on March 22, 2018, updated August 12, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.