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Monitor Your Amazon Sales Trends

by Jeanne Croteau

Monitoring your Amazon sales trends is a fundamental business function, and now it's easier than ever!

FeedbackFive allows you to quickly view and sort your key sales metrics by day, rather than by order. If you're selling several units a day, you already know how much time this can save you.

You can also send seller feedback and product requests, receive alerts for negative ratings and much more with FeedbackFive, which is trusted by thousands of sellers just like you all over the world.

In this video, Jennifer Nuñez, Senior Customer Success Advisor at eComEngine, discusses the many ways in which you can use FeedbackFive to monitor your Amazon sales trends. Watch this webinar to see how FeedbackFive works!

How to Monitor Amazon Sales Trends

As Nuñez explains, “Running an Amazon business takes a lot of hard work and determination, but having the right tools can lighten the load.” That’s why so many Amazon sellers rely on FeedbackFive to make informed business decisions, free up time, and easily monitor and analyze Amazon sales at a glance.

Nuñez provides a detailed overview of how to use FeedbackFive to keep track of sales trends, reviews, analytics right in your dashboard! Easily perform testing, set campaign rules or review the performance of your messages in minutes.

Overview of FeedbackFive Features

Don’t know how to build a feedback request campaign in FeedbackFive? “You can make them from scratch, but we also have default templates that you can use. You can edit and personalize them to match your business theme or relate to certain holidays,” said Nuñez. She also shared how to:

  • easily test your subject lines.
  • set rules for email timing.
  • add images to your emails.
  • see your review analytics.

Need assistance? Search the extensive Help Center or contact us by email, chat, or phone — even during your free trial! “We’ve been in the business for over a decade now,” said Nuñez. “Most of the questions that you probably have are just a keyword search away [in our Help Center].”

Avoid Suspension With Best Practices

After putting so much time and effort into your Amazon business, the last thing you need is to face suspension. How can you avoid it? Nuñez stresses the importance of this singular tip - always follow Amazon’s Terms of Service!

While eComEngine strives to create templates that are compliant, we understand that the process can be confusing. “When you’re using FeedbackFive, let us know if you’re not sure about what you should include in your email template,” said Nuñez. The team is ready to provide guidance on how to adhere to best practices.

The video also discusses why it’s crucial that sellers respond to customers in a timely manner and explains how negative feedback and reviews can be a learning opportunity. You'll also learn how to automate processes to save time and money. If you'd like a personal demonstration of FeedbackFive, click here.

Originally published on April 15, 2019, updated October 14, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.

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