What can I do on the FeedbackFive Order Data page?

The Order Data page provides an easy way to view, manage and filter your individual Amazon orders.

This helps you drill down and learn more about your buyers; for example, you can see how many repeat customers you had in the last 30 days, which buyers have spent the most on their orders, how many orders were refunded, and more.

Order Data

The Order Data grid shows:

  • Order number
  • Order date
  • Total price for the order
  • Which item(s) were purchased
  • How many units were purchased
  • How many unique SKUs were contained in the order
  • Order Status (Repeat Buyer, Canceled, Refund Reported or Out of Country)
  • Fulfillment channel (FBA or MFN).

Click the gear icon to show or hide some of the columns if needed.

Filtering Orders

Use the Search bar to search the entire Order Data grid, or use the drop-down selector to choose a specific field to search.

Use the faceted navigation to filter for specific Statuses, prices, fulfillment channels, order date ranges and more.

To see whether an order is scheduled to receive an email, exclude selected orders or send emails manually, see Scheduling.