What is the Orders Overview page?

The Orders Overview allows you to monitor your business performance. Along with monitoring your seller feedback and product reviews, you can monitor the impact of those metrics on your sales.


On the top half of the page, you can see how much your sales increased or decreased in the past 7, 30, 90 or 150 days.

Data by Date

On the bottom half, you can track your sales and units sold by day, as well as how many refunded orders, repeat buyers, multi-unit orders and multi-product orders you received each day. Sales amount and refund amount by day is also displayed here. Of course, you can download this data as a CSV for further analysis.


To drill down into specific orders and learn more about refunds, repeat buyers, multi-product orders and more, see What is the Order Data page?

To exclude selected orders or send emails manually, see the Scheduling page.