11 Reasons Why FeedbackFive is a No-Brainer for Your Amazon Business

by Colleen Quattlebaum

Your Amazon feedback score is arguably your most important intangible asset. Negative feedback puts your account health at risk. Lack of feedback causes you to miss the Buy Box. Simply stated, you need positive feedback - and lots of it. FeedbackFive has the proven track record to help you take your feedback rating to a new level. For many years now, we've helped thousands upon thousands of Amazon merchants improve their reputations. Unlike the less robust feedback tools that have popped up lately, our tool is time-tested and merchant approved. If you're unsure if FeedbackFive is right for you, here are 11 reasons why we think it's a no-brainer. (If you're already convinced, start your free trial now.)

1. We Invented Proactive Feedback Management

About a decade ago, several different Amazon merchants reached out to us. Each one had the exact same problem: difficulty generating Amazon feedback. Manual solicitation was simply not working, and they all needed a better solution. Our developers went to work, busily inventing a more automated approach to feedback management. FeedbackFive was born, and the rest is history. We're proud to have blazed the trail for proactive feedback management.

2. Flexibility

You can customize your messaging with FeedbackFive, allowing you to include product images, special instructions or other helpful information with your email. Set rules to automatically exclude refunded orders, late orders, out of country orders and others from your request for a rating.

3. Our Unbelievable 98% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Customers occasionally have questions that require rapid response. When situations like these occur, FeedbackFive users benefit from our 98% (4.9 out of 5.0 stars) customer satisfaction rating. Thanks to our dedicated Customer Success team members who are happy to help you, most tickets are resolved within two hours or less. If you need to speak to a real human on the phone, we've got you covered there, too. We're an enterprise-grade software company that takes your business seriously. We'll always be here to help when you need it most.

4. Your Business is Not Our "Laboratory"

You're not messing around. Succeeding as an Amazon merchant is your top business priority. That's exactly why we take our job so seriously. New features are only pushed out after receiving thorough quality testing. Our servers are continuously backed up in secure, off-site data facilities. We deploy the world's most advanced security protocols and constantly monitor uptime. In addition, we pay very close attention to seller guidelines put forth by Amazon.com, Inc. We examine our service from every angle and strive to deliver the most reliable experience possible.

5. Feedback + Reviews

Only a shortsighted merchant would completely overlook the importance of Amazon product reviews. In addition to soliciting and tracking feedback, sellers can request product reviews within the same dashboard. This offers a 360-degree view of customer satisfaction and helps merchants make more informed inventory and service-related decisions.

6. International Templates You Can Trust

FeedbackFive is a global app. We have users in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, India, Italy, France and beyond. Obviously, not all customers in these countries speak English as their native language. If you sell to customers outside of the US, FeedbackFive's professionally designed foreign language templates are the right choice for you. Stop wasting time trying to recall your 8th grade French lessons or relying on faulty online translators. FeedbackFive is ready-to-go.

7. You'll Always Deal with a Real Person

It's frustrating when you just need a simple answer, but no one calls you back. That will never happen as a FeedbackFive user. Our Customer Success team actually picks up the phone when you call during business hours. If we can't provide an immediate answer, we'll escalate your request until we arrive at a solution. It's the least that we can do.

8. We Don't Just Stop with Feedback

FeedbackFive is actually a product of eComEngine, LLC, a software company based in Richmond, Virginia. In recent years, FeedbackFive has gained a few new siblings. For example, RestockPro is our inventory management software for FBA merchants. With RestockPro, merchants can build inbound shipments, forecast profitability, build kits and make rapid-fire restocking decisions. In addition, our MarketScout tool offers competitive and product intelligence. Simply upload a spreadsheet of product ASINs, and MarketScout returns Buy Box information, pricing tips and more.

9. Innovative & Aggressive Product Roadmap

We have big plans for the future. Amazon is constantly tweaking its Buy Box criteria, search algorithms and feedback KPIs. Our mission is to stay on the forefront of such changes, allowing you to rest easy (at least when it comes to your reputation). We maintain an agile approach to software development, carefully implementing new code to keep customers ahead of the curve.

10. We've Been Doing this Since 2009

We're rapidly closing in on a decade in the feedback business. Since FeedbackFive's birth in 2009, we've seen a lot of changes. We've also seen other feedback tools come and go. We're proud to still be here doing what we do best: helping Amazon merchants get positive feedback (and reviews).

11. Your Success is our #1 Goal

The Amazon marketplace represents untold opportunity. Maximizing this opportunity depends upon your ability to properly position your eCommerce store. We're here to help you succeed in this goal. Generate better feedback, improve your seller reputation, win the Buy Box - and most of all - grow your bottom line.

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Originally published on September 14, 2016, updated May 1, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.