4 Ways to Use Your Top Amazon Product Review Keywords

by Kristen Hicks

Knowing what customers want is crucial to business success. The closer you can come to understanding what people are thinking when they click that “Buy Now” button, the better you’ll be at earning those clicks. eCommerce business owners have a whole industry’s worth of tools to consider that all aim to help you get inside the head of your target customer.

With so many complicated tech products designed for the purpose, it’s easy to overlook simpler options for learning what your customers are thinking. For Amazon sellers, one such option is right on the product page for many of the items you sell: your top product review keywords.

How to Find Amazon Product Review Keywords

Open the product page for an item you sell on Amazon, then scroll down to the beginning of the reviews section. As long as the product has enough reviews (above 10 is usually enough), you’ll see a section labeled “Read reviews that mention.” It’s below customer images and above the first review.


This section is small enough to overlook, but provides vital information. The cluster of terms here is automatically generated based on what words show up the most often in reviews of your product. It’s a high-level snapshot of the priorities your customers have when choosing and evaluating your product. And you can get a more detailed view of each of those priorities by clicking on the term to see a collection of reviews that mention it.

4 Ways Product Review Keywords Can Improve Your Business

For Amazon sellers, this small section offers insights on what your customers care about, which makes it a goldmine of information you can use to improve your business. That is, if you know how to put what you learn to use.

1.Optimize your product listings.

Your product page is your main selling tool on Amazon. You have a limited amount of space to convince visitors why your product is what they need. First, understand what their priorities are when choosing a product like yours. Then you can use the space you have to make the most compelling case possible for why they should buy yours.

The top product review keywords tell you both what types of features and use cases customers most value, and what language they use when describing them. You can replicate that language in your product listing to match what’s on a prospect’s mind when they’re on the page, and answer the questions they’re most concerned about. 

2. Fix common product issues.

Ideally, that cluster of top keywords will reveal features your customers love. But just as likely, it will include some terms that clue you into their biggest complaints.

If you know that customers love everything about the dehumidifier you sell except how loud it is, you know the main problem to work on in the next model is reducing the noise. Or if a common complaint about the shoes you sell is they don’t come in enough colors, you have an easy option for increasing sales by adding more variety to the product line.

3. Develop new products.

Understanding your customers is one big part of eCommerce success, and it directly relates to another: knowing which products to sell. The top review keywords for one of your products could reveal a need your customers have that a different product can solve. Knowing that need exists is the first step to finding the product that solves it. Or if the product doesn’t exist yet, you can get to work developing it.

As a bonus, you’ll already know the right language to use to promote it when it’s ready, because your customers gave it to you in their reviews.

4. Improve other marketing efforts.

All marketing tactics benefit from understanding your audience better. Most online marketing tactics depend on finding the right keywords to speak their language. Your top product review keywords can help you improve results across channels and tactics. They can inform the copy you write for your website, the keywords you target in a pay-per-click campaign and the messaging you use on your social media profiles.

Your customers don’t change based on the channel you’re on. What you learn on Amazon is applicable across the board;

The Right Words Can Improve Results

Amazon’s section of top product review keywords hands you the language you need to better understand the main problems your prospects have and solutions they’re looking for. Put that information to use in your business strategy to drive better results.

Originally published on August 13, 2019, updated August 13, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.