Amazon Seller Inventory Management Software: Why You Need It

by Colleen Quattlebaum

Your Amazon business has grown faster than most people (yourself included) expected that it would.

Customers love the products that you sell, and they especially appreciate the personalized service that you provide. Your feedback score is proof positive of this reality.

But let me ask you a question: Is your business scalable?

If you're doing everything manually, the answer might be "no." In this post, I'll explain how an Amazon seller inventory management software can help you scale your business.

Fingertip Access to Real-Time Inventory Data

Each new Amazon order triggers a series of record keeping questions for the profitability-minded merchant. Is this item still profitable? Is it time to reorder again? If I do reorder, should I buy even more this time to keep up with growing demand? While these questions are all valid, they're very difficult to answer without timely inventory data.

In an effort to make more informed inventory management decisions, sellers will often turn to the familiarity of spreadsheets. But while better than nothing, spreadsheets have their share of downsides. For starters, they are entirely reliant on manual data entry. As each variable changes, the merchant must open the sheet, find the correct cell, key in the updated values and save changes. With so many ASINs to track storewide, however, it's no wonder why spreadsheets can quickly become outdated and unreliable.

Compare the spreadsheet approach to an integrated software application, such as our RestockPro platform. RestockPro connects to your Amazon seller account via the MWS API provided by, Inc. ("Amazon"), which means all of your entire product catalog, sales history and current Amazon QOH (quantity on hand) data seamlessly flow into our app.

If you maintain a local inventory (in addition to what's on hand at FBA warehouses), RestockPro has a solution for you, too. Within a few clicks, you can see how many units are in-house at your warehouse as compared to Amazon fulfillable inventory.

Connecting your seller account to RestockPro reduces your administrative headaches, while simultaneously ensuring the accuracy of your inventory data.

Automate Time-Consuming Tasks

Sure, tracking your inventory levels can seem like a full-time job (especially if done manually). Unfortunately, the fun doesn't stop there. When the time comes to place reorders with vendors, sellers are faced with a myriad of time-consuming tasks. After all, for each reorder, you'll probably have to:

  • Issue a purchase order to your supplier
  • Make sure the supplier has received your PO
  • Track delivery to your (or Amazon's) facility
  • Check to make sure everything arrived safely
  • Prepare your FBA shipment (item stickering, box labels etc.)
  • Schedule pickup by your carrier
  • Ensure Amazon receives your shipment and updates your fulfillable inventory level
  • Deal with anything along the way that goes sideways

Multiply this workflow across your entire product catalog and restocking process, and it's easy to see why you're so exhausted. You need a more automated process, which is exactly what RestockPro can help you achieve.

At a high level, we built RestockPro to bring scalability to the restocking and shipment building process. As you make restocking decisions, our intuitive interface walks you through each step of the process - from PO creation through successful delivery to Amazon.

Do your suppliers ship directly to Amazon on your behalf? Do others send items to your facility for FBA preparation? RestockPro accommodates nearly every model under the sun, simplifying a complex aspect of your eCommerce business model.

Better, Faster Restocking Decisions

One final thought - I'd be remiss if I failed to mention RestockPro's advanced restocking workflow. When you sign up for RestockPro, you'll have the ability to set storewide (and product-specific) restocking and profitability assumptions.

As your inventory levels dip, RestockPro alerts you when it's time to restock (based on your business rules). No more hunting through rows and rows of spreadsheets. No more forgetting to reorder. RestockPro "thinks" like you do about your inventory.

Time to Make the Switch

If you've been relying on spreadsheets for your FBA business, it's time to consider a tool like RestockPro. You can get started with a 21-day trial of our software to see if you like it.

Sign up for a trial of RestockPro - and never update an inventory spreadsheet again!

Originally published on October 19, 2017, updated June 10, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.