FeedbackFive Customers Share Their Favorite Memories

by Colleen Quattlebaum

To commemorate eComEngine's 10th anniversary, we recently asked our customers to share a FeedbackFive memory with us. (As a sign of our appreciation, we passed along a FeedbackFive account credit.)

FeedbackFive Memories

Thanks to everyone who shared a memory with us! We love to hear about your experiences with FeedbackFive. Here are just a few of the great stories our clients shared:

“Positive reviews have also been a stumbling block as a new Amazon seller. I can only tell you that FeedbackFive saved our business. And NO I do not work for them!! We were able to move most all of our products from page 23 to 43 in ranking (we were lost in the back of the pack) to now most all our product are on the first page ranking. This was only possible for a 5 STAR rating, we moved up, on the first page. Thank you guys, for helping us, without your e-mail programs this would not have been possible. -The Backyard Dudes Team Rusty & Lou

“I've been with FeedbackFive from the start and have expanded into the UK and EU and even tried the ASIN tracker. All to good success. I can't imagine trying to track these things manually.” -Neville Pettersson, Muzitao

FeedbackFive has helped me understand what my customers are saying. Before the feedback emails the customers would not bother contacting, but with the reminder I am aware of pain points and issues that have come up -- thus making my business better.” -Karan Jain, Oswal Organics Pvt. Ltd.

“You get so many people who gripe about selling on Amazon, but I find joy in it. Two examples: 1. How I feel when I hear the cash register alert ring when a sale is made, and 2. The pride I feel when a customer posts good feedback (especially when I realize a FeedbackFive campaign helped solicit it).” -William OBrien, TrueSelf Goods

“Happy birthday to eComEngine Team! FeedbackFive boosted our sales and now MapleFarm is the N.1 maple syrup seller across Europe.” -Andrea Bossi, MapleFarm

“Wow, 10 years that is exciting! FeedbackFive has really assisted our company over the past few years as it has helped us to keep a tight watch on our reviews as well as ensure top notch customer service. FeedbackFive is ingrained into our daily business operation!” -Jonathan Bailey, Spearit Group LLC

Share Your Memories

You can hear more from our customers on our testimonials section. If you'd like to share your own memory, please contact us or comment below!

Originally published on June 22, 2017, updated June 21, 2019

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