Secret to Doubling Positive Reviews from Do It Wiser

by Colleen Quattlebaum

When you specialize in selling a particular product line, positive reviews are key to being successful. That's what first led Santiago of Do It Wiser to check out FeedbackFive.

Do It Wiser sells ink and toner cartridges. They list more than 450 items on the Amazon marketplace and carry every make and model imaginable. We recently sat down with Santiago to find out how FeedbackFive has helped Do It Wiser meet its goals.

The Journey to Amazon - and FBA

Do It Wiser first started selling toner cartridges on the eBay marketplace and saw a big opportunity to grow. They shifted to selling on their own website, but then saw an even bigger opportunity to reach more people through the Amazon marketplace. Just in the last year, they've opened accounts in the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy, and continue to expand.

Migrating to the Amazon marketplace was a smart move. Do It Wiser now does more business on their Amazon storefront than they do on their own website.

Do It Wiser initially stocked their toner cartridges at their own warehouse. They eventually decided to explore the FBA program, mostly as a way to save on costs. After an initial experiment, they tried shipping everything with the FBA service. After a year, over 90% of their products are with the program.

FeedbackFive and Custom Messaging

Santiago was in charge of growing sales on the Amazon marketplace, particularly in Europe. As he searched for strategies to increase sales, he discovered how important it was to communicate with customers, especially to encourage product reviews. Do It Wiser is a private-label company, so product reviews are extremely important. Santiago found that FeedbackFive was not only the best feedback management tool for his company, but it also gave him the ability to communicate with customers and get more reviews.

At first, Santiago just used the professionally designed templates in FeedbackFive to communicate with customers. But he quickly started experimenting with adding some custom messaging. He sent different emails for different seasons and situations. His personal touches had a great effect and the results were obvious. Do It Wiser started using FeedbackFive for all of its accounts in Europe, and with their US accounts, as well.

Doubling Positive Product Reviews

While Santiago loves FeedbackFive's ongoing addition of new features, his favorite tool remains the ability to request product reviews. It doubled the number of positive reviews Do It Wiser received for its products in just a year.

One effect of having so many positive product reviews is that Do It Wiser learns of more negative reviews than it did before. Now, they know that a single negative review isn't going to impact their results as much as it used to. They can instead focus on serving the customer and answering any concerns rather than being focused on removing the comment. Do It Wiser has hundreds of products, and FeedbackFive notifies the company immediately if any one of them receives a low rating.

Graduating to Pro

Do It Wiser finally reached the tipping point of switching from the Lite account to the Pro account when they saw how effective it was to stay in touch with repeat buyers. The Pro account lets them send out more emails and have more touchpoints with customers throughout the month. Ready to grow your product reviews like Do It Wiser? Sign up for a free trial of FeedbackFive today. FeedbackFive natively supports,,,,,,,, and

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Originally published on January 4, 2017, updated August 12, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.