Why Delighting Customers Leads to a Better Amazon Reputation

by Colleen Quattlebaum

When was the last time you were truly "delighted" by someone or something?

In my experience, being delighted usually involves an unexpected surprise. Something outside of the ordinary, in a really good way.

As an Amazon merchant, you have the opportunity to delight your customers every single day. In this post, we'll explore why delighting customers often leads to a healthier seller reputation.

How to Delight Your Amazon Customers

Just keeping up with order fulfillment and inventory replenishment can seem like a full-time job. In today's competitive Amazon marketplace, who has time to think up new ways to "delight" customers? If this sounds like you, I have some good news: Amazon.com, Inc. ("Amazon") has already created a list of "best practices" for delighting customers and avoiding negative interactions. You can find the full list here, but allow me to share a few tips that we commonly recommend to our customers.

Build awesome product listings: If you sell bundles or private-label items, there's a strong likelihood that you control the product detail page content. Use this responsibility wisely. The last thing you want to do is set unreasonable expectations. Customers are delighted by items that exceed expectations - not those that fail to live up to them. So remember, accurate descriptions matter. Don't overstate the truth. Also, use clear and accurate product images. If you don't have control over the product detail, try reaching out to the vendor who does. Share your recommendations for enhancing the listing's content.

Create a flawless supply chain: Customers can't be delighted when you fail to deliver on your promises. Prudent merchants take aggressive steps to control every aspect of their supply chains, from supplier management to timely restocking and inbound shipment tracking. Building a flawless supply chain helps minimize friction and sets yourself up to delight shoppers.

Upgrade when appropriate: With hundreds of merchant-fulfilled orders to process, shipments can occasionally fall behind schedule. When late shipments occur, it's important to upgrade the customer's package to expedited shipping. The customer shouldn't suffer for an operational oversight on your end.

Pack like a champ: Obviously, merchant-fulfilled and FBA orders have different packaging requirements. Either way, the customer is counting on you to protect the product without overdoing it. Take time to regularly review Amazon's packaging requirements and ensure your preparation workflow meets or exceeds standards.

Make returns easy peasy: Not everything goes perfectly, which is why returns and refunds are part of everyday life for Amazon sellers. Returns and refunds represent an excellent opportunity to show what you're made of.

Communicate, communicate, communicate: Amazon requires sellers to acknowledge customer inquiries within a 24-hour period. In addition, sellers are asked to publish support phone numbers and email addresses on their Amazon Help pages. Amazon wants sellers to be highly responsive and accessible. Sending a polite feedback request is a great way to confirm that the buyer had a good experience. After all, it's hard for customers to feel delighted when they feel ignored.

Surprise them: Surprises often lead to delight! Consider sending buyers a PDF focused on ways to use your product or including a free bonus item with each purchase. For example, if you sell nail products you might think about giving your customers a free emery board, or if you sell stationery you could include a fun sticker or another small item.

Delighted Customers & Your Amazon Business

So far we've discussed a few ideas for delighting customers. This all sounds great, but is going above and beyond really worth the effort?

I say yes, and here's why:

1. Delighted customers are more likely to leave feedback. Your shoppers are busy people. Many of them may not even realize they are buying from a third-party seller. By going out of your way to ensure total satisfaction, you add a human element to an otherwise anonymous transaction. Delighted customers want to help you succeed, which is why many will express their appreciation by leaving positive feedback.

2. Positive feedback impacts your visibility as a seller. There's no question that a seller's feedback rating has an impact on the Buy Box. Feedback rating also plays a factor in a listing's "Other Sellers on Amazon" page. In short, all things being equal, sellers with higher feedback scores can expect more orders than those with poor scores.

3. Delighted customers come back. When a customer takes the time to share positive feedback about a seller, he or she makes a real investment in the relationship with the merchant. Naturally, this investment of time and effort increases the customer's chances of returning for additional delightful buying experiences.

Delight More Customers

Selling on the Amazon marketplace is increasingly competitive. By seeking new ways to delight customers, you'll stand out in the crowd and solidify your long-term viability as an Amazon merchant.

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Originally published on August 14, 2018, updated April 26, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.