5 Ways eCommerce Beauty Brands Can Profit from Video

by Matt Ellis

If you listen to the experts, the content of the future is video. Cisco VNI projects that video will account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic this year, and even more next year. HubSpot supports these claims with somewhat surprising statistics about how much difference a video can make:

  • 73% of shoppers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video.
  • 71% of shoppers prefer videos for explaining products than text or images.
  • 58% of shoppers view online vendors with product videos as more trustworthy.

These statistics should brighten the day of most video-savvy vendors, but no one has more reason to cheer than the beauty industry. Traditionally, beauty products suffer a high rate of return in online shopping (along with groceries), but more and more eCommerce beauty brands are learning to leverage video content to more than make up for the loss. While third-party sellers on the Amazon marketplace do not currently have the ability to post video content on product listings, they can use other platforms to drive traffic to their Amazon listings. After all, what do beauty products rely on more than visuals?

Among the best video campaigns in the beauty industry, these five categories have proven themselves the most successful:

Makeup Tutorials

How-to's for trendy makeup techniques are a multipurpose tool for eCommerce beauty brands, with a few simultaneous advantages.

First, they attract new shoppers who aren’t necessarily looking to buy…at least not yet. Makeup tutorials are a sought-after topic year round by people looking to try new techniques or master the basics. Makeup tutorial videos act as a net to catch these searchers, and more traffic inevitably leads to more sales.

Second, you can produce them regularly. There’s no shortage of makeup techniques, with new ones arising every day. The best-case scenario is that, after a period of consistent posting, you attract regular visitors who come automatically to see what’s new.

Last, you can showcase individual products. A fantastic new makeup technique is the best advertisement for an unknown product, especially when you repeatedly mention and show the product’s name, logo, and properties. You can even feature poorly-performing products to demonstrate their value.

Influencer Collaboration

With the popularity of makeup videos online, commercial and otherwise, it’s no surprise there’s a variety of social media personalities dedicated to beauty products and makeup tips. In fact, over 65% of first-page video search results for beauty products turn up videos from famous vloggers.

A vote of confidence from one of these influencers is a powerful endorsement, as many shoppers go to these trusted niche leaders for advice and recommendations. Step up your influencer outreach methods to initiate a collaboration – the most popular vloggers are business people as well, and more than willing to strike a deal with beauty brands.

Product Videos

Product videos are a game-changer for any eCommerce vendor, and beauty products are no exception. Take another look at the statistics above to see just how much impact product videos have on actual sales.

But in the beauty industry, videos are especially useful for curtailing their inherent drawback. By giving online shoppers a fuller understanding of the product they want to buy, product videos have been proven to reduce returns by 25%. As mentioned above, returns are the greatest obstacle to selling beauty products online.

User-Generated Videos

After industry influencers, the other group consumers trust most is their peers. No matter how many great things your brand says about itself, one or two bad reviews can overshadow it all. The same is true for videos, where a fan-made video holds a lot more weight than one you make yourself.

Encourage your customers to produce videos about your product, or at least with your product. To incentivize user-generated videos, brands typically run promotions with criteria of posting and tagging videos on social media as official entry.

These videos are even more useful for the Amazon marketplace. Most sellers can’t post videos in the product descriptions, but that doesn’t stop customers from posting video reviews. Read this more comprehensive guide on eliciting customer video reviews.

Box Openings

Last, let’s discuss the most recent category of video that’s attracting a lot of attention for the industry. Filmed subscription box openings are becoming increasingly popular among beauty customers…and the sellers who reap the benefits.

Videos of customers opening subscription boxes live work because they perfectly capture one of the most appealing aspects of subscription boxes – the excitement from the surprise. Such videos are popular on social media because viewers can share in this emotional moment.

Video box openings – whether organized by you or your customers – are among the most effective promotions for beauty brands, one of the leading industries in subscription boxes. These videos encapsulate the heart of advertising: the viewer sees themselves in the shoes of the video star, so they automatically link the brand with becoming as happy as the person in the video.


You don’t need to be a marketing researcher to know video content is effective and growing steadily. There’s no better time to start taking advantage of its marketing potential, and the video categories above are the perfect place to start.

What’s your experience in video marketing online? Do you find any of these categories more helpful than others? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section now.

Originally published on May 11, 2017, updated May 8, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.