Getting Started with eCommerce Sales in Europe

Have you thought about expanding your sales to European marketplaces? Opening your brand to new countries could significantly increase your profits because you may be facing less competition for your products.

Carina McLeod of eCommerce Nurse recently shared her insights on the subject of European sales in a webinar with eComEngine. McLeod is a former Amazonian with 7 years of experience in the UK marketplace. She has the unique perspective of someone who understands the eCommerce world from within and as a seller.

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to expanding your brand to Europe, including:

  • European consumer rights
  • Shipping logistics
  • Currency
  • Taxes
  • International order fulfillment
  • Brexit
  • Which country to begin in

Find out what Carina had to say about these topics and more. Don’t miss this opportunity. Register to watch this webinar today.