Reduce Suspension Risks With Chris McCabe

Chris McCabe, eCommerce expert and former member of the Amazon.com, Inc. (“Amazon”) merchant assessment team, sat down with eComEngine’s Colleen Quattlebaum recently. They discussed the things sellers on the Amazon marketplace might be doing that could land them with a suspension.

Oddly, not everything Chris discusses is obvious grounds for suspension. In fact, there are things some merchants might be doing unknowingly that violate Amazon marketplace policy. Chris offers expert advice that is well informed by his time at Amazon, as well as his current position as an eCommerce thought leader and third-party merchant consultant.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is Product Quality?
  • Addressing Warnings
  • Understand Your Supplier
  • Commingled FBA Inventory
  • Expired and Resellable Inventory
  • Keeping an Eye on Competition
  • Communication Tips
  • How to Protect Yourself

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