Buy Box Advice From the Experts

As an Amazon merchant, you know that winning the Buy Box can help sellers dramatically increase product sales. In fact, Feedvisor reports that 82% of Amazon’s sales go through the Buy Box. That number is projected to continue to climb as buyers shop from mobile devices. Amazon.com, Inc. (“Amazon”) shared that 70% of users shopped the site using a mobile device in the 2015 holiday season.

We recently partnered with Feedvisor to present an educational webinar regarding advanced Buy Box strategies. Ohad Hagai, VP Marketing at Feedvisor, and Jay Lagarde, founder and president at eComEngine, teamed up to share their expertise with Amazon sellers.

“If you go back to the whole concept of the Buy Box, which is to guarantee customer satisfaction, Amazon knows that sellers who use FBA are more likely to perform better in terms of the customer experience. Amazon controls the flow of fulfillment and interaction with the customers, and that’s what they’re trying to achieve: a best in class customer experience,” said Ohad.

Learn what it takes to win the Buy Box in this webinar. By watching, you’ll discover:

  • The impact of seller metrics on the Buy Box
  • Why feedback is critical for successful sellers
  • How to drive better feedback
  • Strategies for winning Amazon price wars
  • And much more!

With several years of experience in both eCommerce and digital marketing, Ohad offers advice regarding Buy Box strategies, pricing and more. Jay provides strategic feedback management insight related to winning the Buy Box as well as smart suggestions for sellers who want to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

You won’t want to miss this fantastic conversation between two Amazon experts! To watch the webinar, simply register at the top of this page.