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Use this free spreadsheet to estimate profitability of the items you currently sell or intend to sell.

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amazon-fba-calculatorSelling more products is a great goal for many Amazon sellers. Before adding a new item to your store, however, it's important to understand the potential profitability of that item. It seems simple, but there are several numbers to consider. It’s important to keep track of all of them to get an accurate profitability estimate.

For example, what are your supplier costs? How much will shipping cost? If you're fulfilling via the FBA program, you also need to factor FBA fees into your profit calculation. We've created this free Amazon FBA calculator spreadsheet to help you easily calculate your estimated profit margin for items you already sell or intend to sell on the Amazon marketplace.

What Does the Amazon FBA Calculator Spreadsheet Do?

Simply download the free spreadsheet and enter your estimated costs, Amazon fees, and more to conduct an Amazon profitability analysis. The calculator includes everything from your current supplier costs to the inbound shipping fees and repackaging labor fees. The spreadsheet saves you time and helps you organize all of the information needed to run your calculation. (There’s nothing worse than forgetting which step you were working on after being interrupted halfway through entering data into a physical calculator.)

Automate Your Estimated Amazon FBA Margin Calculation

You can also use RestockPro to automatically get real time estimated FBA margin information, get decision support for restocking tasks and much more. Of course, if you prefer a manual approach to calculating your margins, you can fill out the form to download the spreadsheet.

Please note that this spreadsheet is intended to be used only as an informational guide and does not guarantee profitability.