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RestockPro integrates with Aura to import your cost per unit details for each FBA SKU every 30 minutes. This integration is available for stores in the US, Canada, and Mexico. It keeps cost information consistent across your replenishment tool and repricer so you can understand your profits and make informed pricing and stocking decisions.

Both RestockPro and Aura are US-based companies founded by Amazon sellers with best-in-class support. Getting started is simple and we're here every step of the way with free onboarding and ongoing support. Sync your costs, save time, and maximize profits with RestockPro and Aura!

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Smart FBA Inventory Management

Make profit a priority
From FBA fees to packaging, managing the costs of your Amazon business can be challenging. RestockPro helps you manage profitability and analyzes over 70 data points to empower informed restocking decisions.

You have to stay in stock to win the Buy Box. RestockPro tells you what to restock and when to stay in stock without overstocking. This flexible FBA inventory management tool also tracks SKU profitability, manages supplier details, creates purchase orders, monitors shipments, and more.

AI-Powered Pricing

Optimal pricing strategies
Aura determines the best pricing strategy for your listings in real time. With Aura, there's no need to micromanage your prices. Automated repricing powered by AI adapts to market changes while maintaining your minimum and maximum prices.

Aura's Hyperdrive updates prices for your top 50 Amazon listings in under 10 seconds, helping you win the Buy Box and increase sales. It adapts to market trends to make sure your price is competitive.

Aura advanced repricing

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Inventory Software

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  • Manage Profits
  • Inventory Forecasting
  • Build Kits
  • Supplier Management
  • Customize Amazon Item Labels

Repricing Software

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Unlimited Listings

  • Automate Amazon Pricing
  • Optimal Strategies in Real Time
  • Competitive Insights
  • Auto Min/Max 
  • Pricing Activity Reports

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Get the data you need to make better business decisions with the RestockPro x Aura integration! New customers can mention eComEngine to Aura's support chat to get an extended free trial: 14 days + first month free!