Creating a Shipment

The shipment wizard guides you through the steps to review your shipping plan and create your FBA shipment(s). Once created, each shipment may be finalized and marked shipped from the Orders page.


Create FBA Shipment

The first step in the wizard is to review the list of items you’ve selected to send. Note the column that displays which items require stickers. It is an informational field to indicate whether stickers are required. You will be able to print stickers later in the process.


By default, the items are shipped individually. Switch the option to case pack if you will be sending the items in cases.


Shipping by case pack:

You will need to specify the Case Quantity and the Ship Quantity. The Case Quantity is defaulted from the product details. The Ship Quantity is the total number of units you are shipping. It must be evenly divisible by the case quantity or RestockPro will show an error. For example, if an item comes 3 to a case and you want to ship 12 items, you’ll be shipping 4 cases. You would specify case quantity of 3 and ship quantity of 12.

RestockPro displays the prep instruction(s) associated with the SKU. The cost shown is informational and represents the cost IF you select Amazon as the prep owner. You may select an individual prep owner of Seller or Amazon for each item, or select the same owner for the entire shipment by setting the drop-down at the top of the Prep Owner column. Stickerless commingled items should be set to None.

Update the quantities if necessary, otherwise click “next.”


Select Shipment Options

Now you’ll have the chance to select your shipment options. You name the shipment, specify the “from address,” and specify your label (item sticker) preference. Addresses are stored in your RestockPro address book on the Locations page.


In “Label Preference,” choose “Seller Label Only” if you or your supplier will be applying your item stickers. If you are enrolled in the Amazon FBA Label Service, choose “Amazon Label Only”  or “Amazon Label Preferred” as appropriate.

Next, choose how you will create the shipment. You can either create it in RestockPro, or create a shipping plan file to upload to Amazon to process your shipment through Amazon Seller Central.

Why are there 2 ways to complete a shipment?

The entire shipment process may be completed without leaving RestockPro, but users also have the flexibility to use Seller Central’s shipping workflow. Either way, RestockPro makes it easy and will allow you to track the shipment to ensure it is accurately received.


Creating a Shipment in RestockPro

Choose “Create Shipment in RestockPro” and click “Next.” Your shipment plan is displayed. Each column represents a shipment and displays the fulfillment center destination, label option and quantities for that shipment. Review the planned shipment(s). If you are happy with the suggested plan, simply click “Next” to create each shipment. Alternatively, choose an existing shipment from the drop-down to merge into. If desired, click back to modify the SKUs, quantities or from address. Then, the FBA shipment is complete. The final window confirms that the shipment has been created on Seller Central and allows you to print your item stickers for the entire plan. If you prefer, you may print the stickers later for each individual shipment. For more details on stickers, click here.


*Note: The list of available merge choices include open shipments with the same source and destination and compatible prep options.


Print stickers


Once shipments are created, you have the option to print your stickers. This will generate the stickers for all of the shipments that you just created. If you prefer, you can also print them individually for each shipment(s). Click here for complete details on stickers.

Open your shipment from the Orders page for further options in completing and shipping the shipment.



Create a Shipping Plan to Upload to Amazon


If you prefer to create a shipping plan in Seller Central, RestockPro can expedite the process by creating a Shipping Plan Upload file. The file can be uploaded to Seller Central and will result in a Shipping Plan in your Seller Central Shipping Plan tab of the Shipping Queue. Then you can use the Seller Central shipment workflow to complete the plan into one or more shipment(s) as you normally would. Once your shipments are created, they will be imported back into RestockPro for tracking purposes.

To do this, in the shipping window options, choose “Create the shipping plan file for me to upload.” RestockPro will automatically start a download of your shipping plan file. The Shipment window will provide a link to upload the file to Seller Central. You’ll be prompted to log into Seller Central (if you aren’t logged in already) and you’ll choose option 2 - Upload Your Create Shipping Plan File. Upload the file and you’ll be directed to the shipment so you can work on it.

RestockPro will import/synchronize the shipment back and it will display on your Orders page. To speed up the import, click the “Refresh All from Amazon” button on the Orders page. (Note: it can take up to a half-hour for Amazon to send the shipment information back to RestockPro.)