[Report] Amazon Product Research Tips

Study of 193 Amazon Merchants

Competition can be steep on the Amazon marketplace. Conducting thorough market and competitive research helps sellers make informed decisions when it comes to adding products to their inventory.


Finding the right products to sell and delivering exemplary customer service can help merchants become very successful in spite of serious competitors. Conducting Amazon research can take hours, especially for merchants who are on the fence about a particular item or spend a lot of time searching for details.

The eComEngine team wanted to learn about how Amazon sellers conduct research prior to making inventory decisions. We recently conducted a survey to answer the following questions:

  • How often do sellers check competitive and market information on Amazon when deciding to stock a new item?
  • What processes do merchants favor when researching this information?
  • Which factors are considered when evaluating a new product for inventory?
  • Which data points do sellers routinely track after choosing to stock an item?

A total of 193 sellers participated in this study. The findings revealed that 67% of Amazon merchants check competitive and market information on Amazon multiple times before deciding to stock a new item.

You can see the full study results and learn more about how merchants conduct market research by downloading the Amazon research study.