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eBook cover with text, “Amazon research study”As an Amazon seller, you can't simply raise your prices in order to preserve profitability. With dozens of sellers competing for a share of the same Buy Box, all things being equal, the merchant delivering the best prices will be victorious. With market forces being what they are, smart sellers invest significant time and energy into the sourcing process. As has been said many times, profit is made when you buy - and, that's certainly true for today's Amazon seller.

We surveyed 193 Amazon sellers to learn more about their approach to Amazon product research and sourcing. You can download the survey results to learn:

  • How often do sellers check competitive and market information on Amazon when deciding to stock a new item?
  • What processes do merchants favor when researching this information?
  • Which factors are considered when evaluating a new product for inventory?
  • Which data points do sellers routinely track after choosing to stock an item?

Understand the Market You're Buying Into

You've probably heard legends of sellers who supposedly "hit it big" by investing everything into an unknown item just before it became a best seller. Although I'm sure this occasionally happens, it's uncommon. At eComEngine, we believe that our most successful customers are the sellers who look at the market strategically and take calculated sourcing risks. Before you can take a measured approach, however, it's vital to understand the market you're buying into. The Amazon marketplace is not a one-size-fits-all ecosystem. Rather, it's a diverse collection of categories, niches, and micro niches. Each one has its own nuances and, in some cases, seasonal considerations.

Want to Research Products Faster?

You can upload a list of ASINs into MarketScout by eComEngine to quickly evaluate products. Within moments, you're able to review real-time metrics for each item, including:

  • Sales rank
  • Primary category
  • # of competitors (FBA vs. MFN)
  • Lowest price
  • Estimated margins, based on supplier cost and Buy Box prices

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