Amazon Seller, Vendor or Hybrid?

Determining your approach to the Amazon marketplace.

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amazon-seller-vendor-hybridDo you offer your products on the Amazon marketplace through a seller account or a vendor account? Deciding between Amazon seller and vendor models is not easy, as there are pros and cons to each approach. Perhaps you've considered taking a hybrid approach and selling via a combination of Seller Central and Vendor Central. 

There are many benefits to each selling model, and there's a lot to learn. Luckily, former Amazonian Carina McLeod shared her insight in this free downloadable eBook Seller, Vendor or Hybrid? Determining Your Approach to the Amazon Marketplace

In this eBook, McLeod discusses the pros and cons of the Amazon seller, vendor and hybrid approaches. She outlines which factors you need to consider when deciding which selling model is best for you, such as product range, margins and logistics. 

What is the Difference Between Becoming an Amazon Seller or Vendor?

There are several nuances between Amazon's Seller Central and Vendor Central platforms which are detailed in the eBook, but the main difference between the two selling models is your connection with the buyer. If you are selling products via Vendor Central, you are not selling directly to consumers. It's helpful to think of it as similar to a wholesale or manufacturer relationship with a retailer (in this case, Amazon). If you offer your products through Seller Central, you are selling directly to shoppers. 

With a hybrid approach, you can access the both of best worlds. This is particularly helpful if you have a wide range of products, with some products that are better suited to the vendor model and others that make sense to sell directly to consumers. However, this approach doesn't work for every Amazon business. With more than seven years of experience working with the Amazon UK Retail and Vendor teams, McLeod offers excellent guidance on this subject. 

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